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Over 60% of iPhones are running iOS 6

With iPhone 5, Apple also launched the next version of its popular mobile operating system, the iOS 6. There are many controversies that are surrounding this update of iOS. When it comes to software, Apple is assumed to pay a lot of attention to very minute details and the outcome has been pretty neat until now. Apple seems to have gone wrong with their decisions with iOS 6 which has led to humiliation of the company on a mass scale.

For iOS 6, which is a major upgrade over iOS 5, Apple has been delivering the updates over the air (OTA update), which means users can upgrade their device without actually having to connect it to a computer. That’s pretty awesome and most of the Android devices also allow this, but what’s interesting is the rapid rate at which users are upgrading their supported iOS device to iOS 6. Chitika, a renowned web tracking company says that nearly 60% of the iPhone users performed upgrade to iOS 6 merely days after it launched on September 19th. According to the stats, more than 45% of iPad users have also updated their devices to the latest iOS, and iPod Touch users were also quick enough to jump the bandwagon.

For those who haven’t updated yet, the update will appear in your Settings app in Settings > General > Software Update, but do it with caution because iOS 6 isn’t flawless. If you have been following the hullabaloos surrounding this OS, you will be thrilled to know that Apple allowed that to happen. Apple is a great brand and the company is growing rapidly not only in terms of market capitalization, but also as a brand. The iPod brand has become so popular that people from every corner of the world are aware of it. To testify this, Interbrand released its annual Best Global Brand Report for 2012 today and according to the report, Apple has climbed to the second place, whereas the first place is captured by Coca Cola’s universally identifiable brand.

Apple has definitely accomplished to deliver a smooth roll-out, but is the update worth is a major question and many say a straight no. Apple CEO Tim Cook has already made a public apology in connection with Apple Maps and has promised to fix it as soon as possible, but according to other reports, Apple won’t be able to correct the problems any time in the near future. As a first step toward correction, Apple has made changes on its website which previously read “the most powerful mapping service ever”.

On the plus side, the iOS 6 comes with 200 new features which should enhance the usability of the device. Ignoring all the downsides related to the update, Apple is undoubtedly the fastest company when it comes to updates. Updates are rolled out pretty slowly in Android, but that depends on the manufacturers too because Google Nexus are normally the first ones to get the updates as Google issues the updates directly. What are your thoughts on this?

Source: Chitika

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