Ouya Gaming Console Will Be A Big Disappointment To Many People

I’m a fanatic when it comes to PC games. I love all of the new releases and constantly play the ones that are dear to me, such as Skyrim. That said, I wasn’t very huge on Android games at all. There were a few I liked, but not a whole lot. I think playing virtual chess with someone across the world was probably one of my favorite games, and most frustrating since I swear I kept playing wizards who knew my every thought. As of late though, I have been increasingly falling in love with Android games. Keep in mind, PC games will always be for me, there is no way that Android could ever take that place away. Android games aren’t even up to par with PC games yet, but they definitely are getting there.

I don’t “hate” Zynga, but I definitely dislike the games that they produce. I have never in my life found that I wanted to simulate my own farm or city virtually. I’ve come to be “okay” with Zynga now though. How did I come to that point though? One simple word: Horn. I have never been one to play Android games religiously, but Horn was definitely one of my favorites. The graphics from when I last played an Android game have improved drastically. I was never into games that were basically using Flash. I just don’t really like those games. After I got my Transformer Pad TF300T though, I started discovering that people were actually using the Unreal Engine to create games on Android through NVIDIA’s TegraZone. This is where I found games like The Bard’s Tale, Renaissance and etc. Since I have found the TegraZone, playing Android games have been a rather common thing for me.

All of that said, the quality in Android games have improved pretty drastically, and frankly, some of these games have been amazing. Now, because their overall quality is improving, I think the Ouya is going to be a huge success, but also a huge disappointment. I do not think it is going to be a huge disappointment because of the games. I think it is going to be a huge disappointment because the community surrounding consoles right now are wanting the next big thing. They want next-gen hardware in their consoles. What I am afraid of, is that people are going to be putting all of their money behind the Ouya hoping for the next best thing and will be utterly disappointed when they do not see next-gen hardware in the console.

The games the Ouya is going to have is going to be perfectly fine in terms of quality. At least, I think they’ll be perfectly fine, you may think otherwise. It depends on your preferences I guess. I may favor gameplay over graphics and you may favor graphics over gameplay and etc.

In summary, I think that the Ouya will be a big disappointment to gamers because they are looking for next-gen hardware and it just isn’t out yet. The Xbox “720” is rumored to be slated for a Fall of 2013 release, and that’s really all the information we have on next-gen technology. The Ouya isn’t next-gen and I am afraid that people are going to look at it that way.

Do you agree, or do you think that people putting their money behind it knows perfectly well what this is going to be?

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