Oracle to partner with Nokia for its mapping services

Nokia is getting lucky day by day ever since Apple released its own mapping service with its new mobile operating system, the iOS 6. Apple’s mapping services has been one of the worst mapping services in the mobile world. Nokia, in its own way, started advertising its mapping services, by comparing its offerings with those of Google and Apple. And since then, the Finnish company has been in the news almost every day for its mapping services.

Today, there is another big news for the company. Oracle, one of the biggest enterprise software providers, is going to sign a deal with Nokia for its mapping services. Oracle has been using Google’s Maps for its software integration, but since the company is in a legal battle with Google over the same service, Oracle is now turning towards Nokia.

This deal is most likely to be announced tomorrow by Oracle at the Oracle World Conference in San Francisco. This has to be a big score for Nokia, what do you say? But this may not be the biggest deal for Nokia, but since Oracle works at corporate levels and does not cater to individual customers, Nokia will have a big scope for making money.

Nokia purchased the digital map maker Navteq for $8.1 billion back in 2007, and the company has been improvising on the same software, and the results seems to have been showing now. WP Central writes:

In 2010, then-new CEO Stephen Elop  brought ramped it up when he brought Navteq together with Nokia’s services division to form what it calls its Location and Commerce division.

“We have strong mapping, we have strong navigation capabilities, but those examples are just the tip of the iceberg on what we believe—and you certainly see it from our competitors as well, what they believe—the future holds as it relates to location-based services,” Elop said in a recent interview.

 Source: WP Central