Opinion: Why the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 is Actually Beneficial for Android


A hot topic amongst tech enthusiasts is about how good or bad the iPhone is. Needless to say, there are plenty of iFans out there who defend Apple products no matter what. It has grown to such an extent that some people just want to have an iPhone, irrespective of its features, price etc. So it would suffice to say that it’s more of a status symbol than an actual medium of communication/entertainment for a few out there. I don’t blame them though, as it is mostly due to the illusion of superiority often surrounding Apple products. Especially in certain Asian and European markets, where iPhones are available for a premium price, owning one is a very big deal. So is this logic justified? Certainly not. People have actually come to terms with the growing Apple fanboyism and thanks to Android OEMs, the competition seems to be increasing with every passing day. And this is what leads to innovation, contrary to Apple’s claims (read: lawsuits).

The recently launched iPhone 5 was marred by a few initial glitches. The smartphone was merely seen as an incremental upgrade by tech experts. And if that wasn’t enough, camera problems started to surface with a purple hue reported for pictures taken with the sun in the backdrop. But the biggest blow of them all was Apple Maps, which with its inaccuracy was subject to a lot of criticism and mockery. This perhaps was the worst setback to Apple, which took a bold move by ditching Google Maps in favor of its own home cooked app (although it makes use of the same API as Google Maps). The bad PR has really hurt Apple’s cause as it urged users to go for third party map applications. While all is not bad about Apple Maps, there is a certain industry standard which the company failed to meet. It seems like there was a sense of urgency about it. Either way, this is the right time for Android OEMs to swoop in and eat the cake.

Android smartphones like the HTC One X, the Samsung Galaxy S III etc have been doing fairly well in the market. The Galaxy S III in fact is one of the hot selling smartphones currently. The number drastically increased post the arrival of the iPhone 5, which doesn’t really surprise us. Generally, people hold off their plans of purchasing a smartphone whenever there’s a newer smartphone about to hit the stores. And this is exactly what happened in the week before the launch of the iPhone 5 as people wanted to see what the iPhone 5 would be like before committing to another device. The sales of the Galaxy S III though saw a growth of 15% on the week of the new iPhone’s launch. The Galaxy S III still continues to sell well in the market and the sales don’t seem like halting anytime soon.

This is Apple Maps

The iPhone debacle will provide Android OEMs an opportunity to make the best of the situation. There are plenty of deprived iOS customers looking to make the switch to Android. Samsung has the Galaxy Note II prepping launch in the States and Motorola has a bunch of droids lined up too. Lest we forget HTC’s One X+ which is an upgraded variant of the original One X along with the LG Optimus G and also the new LG Nexus that the whole Android sphere is eagerly looking forward to. It won’t take a genius to guess that it will do a fair bit of damage to the iPhone market share. Unless Apple decides to do something drastically different to fix the aforementioned bugs, we don’t see it making any damage to the barrage of Droids hitting shelves in the coming months. It’s normal to feel that post Steve Jobs, Apple has lost its touch a little. But it’s still one of the biggest companies out there in terms of sheer money power, so it is certainly capable of taking a fair bit of beating.

Google’s Nexus 7 along with Amazon’s Kindle Fire make up for the Android budget tablet range. And as you all know, Apple has plans to compete with them with the rumored iPad Mini. It’s still not clear if the rumor will materialize, but several image leaks and mockups have pretty much revealed its existence. The pricing will be a key factor in the success of the iPad Mini much like the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7. So expect the budget tablet market to get heated up in the coming weeks with the anticipated arrival of the iPad Mini. We cannot forget the likes of Kindle Fire HD and the Nook HD, HD+ which are also awaiting release in November. So all will not be easy for Apple, not in the current scenario at least.

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