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Opera Releases Opera Mobile 12.1 Browser with Better Security, HTML5 and SPDY Among Others

Opera today released a new version of the Opera Mobile Browser for Android phones and tablets on Google Play Store.  The version 12.1 of the free browser brings a list of changes which, though not so explosive, are supposed to improve browsing and data security and brings HTML5 capability.

To start with, the new version boosts user security and will warn a user of any potential websites (with malware, phishing sites or scam sites) before allowing them to load the web pages.  This feature is not as common in mobile phone browsers as it is on desktop computer browsers largely because scammers and fraudsters had not targeted users with mobile browsers so much before.  Opera can therefore proud themselves in this milestone as mobile phone browsers become more dynamic, interactive and get expanded uses.  Another major improvement that the new browser brings is the HTML5 capability on its engine.  This HTML5 feature is powerful enough to allow drag-and-drop and clipboard APIs among others.

There are other features that have also been improved on Opera 12.1, among the most notable being WebSockets and SPDY, new technology tools that are supposed to improve the overall browsing experience.  SPDY in particular is a new protocol improving technology that makes fetching web pages faster and more efficient.  Among the most popular sites that already support SPDY are Twitter and Google.  WebSockets on the other hand improves 2-way server communication to make browsing faster and eliminate the possibility of timeout errors.

The new Opera 12.1 supports most Android smartphone chipsets including MIPS, ARM v5-7 and x86.  There were no major changes to the design and look of the browser though as it remains ‘sleek and slender’ according to the Oslo-based developer and brings Opera Turbo compression engine for lean and faster but cheaper surfing on a mobile device.

Besides Opera, other popular internet browsers for Android devices on Google Play Store you may be interested are Dolphin browser touted to be the fastest and easiest and fun to use, Opera mini browser which brings the functionality of the popular Java mini browser to Android, UC browser out of India, Maxthon browser which is lightweight and ‘smart’ and of course, Google’s own, Chrome.

If you would like to try the new Opera browse, you can download it from Google Play Store via this link.

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