Old iPad models are getting sold for new iPads to come in

Are you ready to trade in your old iPad 2 or the new iPad (third generation) for the smaller iPad Mini or the yet to be released, but already made official, iPad 4? Well, if you are thinking of that, there are many places where you can trade in your old iPad models and make some cash and space on your desk for the new models of the Cupertino tech giant’s new tablets.

Gazelle, one of the many popular trade in sties, is already accepting old iPads as trade ins. It says that if you are selling the second generation iPad 2, which is a 16 GB, Wi Fi only model, you would get $190 if it is in flawless condition. If your tablet device is good condition, you would be able to get $175, and if it is broken, you can still get $65 out of it.

If you are trading in your second generation iPad 2 for the smaller 7.9 inch iPad Mini, you would get the same screen resolution on a smaller screen, which means a higher pixel density count (162ppi vs 132ppi). Also, you will get Siri on the iPad Mini. But you will have to come up with at least $139 more for the iPad Mini after getting rid of your iPad 2.

And if you are trading in your third generation new iPad for the iPad Mini, you will miss out that big awesome brilliant Retina display, for a 1,024 x 768 pixel resolution smaller screen. But if you are still willing to trade it off, you will get $250 for a third generation new iPad, 16 GB and Wi Fi model in flawless condition. If the device has undergone some wear and tear, you can expect to get $200, and if the new iPad is no more new with some damage, you will be able to get back only $90. This is what Gazelle offers you. So are you ready to trade in?

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