Notepads instead of iPad in a box bought from Walmart

For a 15 year old girl, a brand new Apple iPad would be a real great treat as she can now spend a lot of time playing games on it or watching movies, or reading books, or even surfing the internet. So was the dream of one such 15 year old girl in Texas. Courtney Akers, the girl in the story, was as excited as she could be because her mother was on her way back home with a brand new iPad with her for Courtney Akers as her birthday present.

Courtney Akers’s mother had just paid full money for a brand new third generation Apple iPad at a Walmart outlet and brought the box to her daughter. What would you usually expect to see when you open that box? Well, a brand new shining third generation iPad with its Retina Display. But instead, the mother and the daughter found a stack of yellow note pads.

You might have heard such a story before of a 22 year old woman who purchased an Apple iPad from two men for just $180 and found out that it was just a bizarre looking chunk of wood pained black with the Apple logo glued to it. This had happened on the street and the woman was to blame as she was not careful enough to buy it from a proper store.

But in today’s story, its Walmart from where the iPad was bought, which is a reputed enough retailer. Phone Arena tells the rest of the story as:

When Courtney’s Mom raced back to Walmart, the manager refused to do anything for her. After more than two hours of discussion, he would not let her get a refund or an exchange and instead, accused the family of concocting an elaborate hoax. The company, though, later went over the manager’s head after being contacted by a local television station. The retailer tracked the box and found that the Akers had been ripped off. The retailer will replace the notepads with a real Apple iPad.

This clearly indicates that you should be careful enough to unpack the box right when you buy it in a retail store before taking it back home so that if anything goes wrong like this, you can settle it then and there. Walmart later released a statement:

“We have reviewed our surveillance video to see if we can find out who is responsible for this and we are sharing that information with local law enforcement in hopes that whoever is behind this is held responsible for their selfish acts”-Walmart

Source: Phone Arena

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