Nokia Xpress browser released for Lumia Windows Phones

Nokia has been exclusively using Windows Phone as an operating system for its smartphone offerings for quite some time now. We all know that the Finnish mobile major has been going through a financial nightmare lately, but it is doing all that it can do to stay afloat. Nokia sold off its patent rights to another organization in order to raise some money and stopped its development on Maemo in an effort to concentrate all the development capabilities it has on Windows Phone. Nokia has been releasing few apps for Windows Phone such as Camera Extras, Creative Studio, and Nokia City Lens Beta. These apps definitely add value to Lumia range of Windows Phone devices and make them stand out of the crowd of Windows Phone devices from other manufacturers.

Windows Phone 7.5 is a great operating system, but there’s a lack of certain features which other smartphone platforms including iOS and Android have. It’s good that Nokia doesn’t wait for Microsoft to add features to its mobile operating system and instead takes matters into its own hands by developing themselves. Nokia is still selling Windows Phone 7.5 devices, so there’s no reason as to why they have to stop their development effort on it. Nokia has gone ahead and released another app which is a data-savvy Xpress browser for its Lumia Windows Phone smartphones. Nokia Xpress browser is an interesting app to talk about. According to Nokia, the all new browser can save up to 90% of user’s data usage and this is achieved by using data compression algorithms similar to the one implemented in Opera Mini.

Apart from reducing the data consumption, the app also aims to save some battery life which should be helpful for heavy users. The Nokia Xpress browser is not a traditional web browser per se. It allows you to search and browse existing web content in a unique format which highlights the images and the text. Apart from supporting browsing the web, it is also a RSS reader which offers magazine style display of feeds. If the user comes across a page which supports RSS, the RSS feature of the browser will automatally ask if s/he want to add the page to built in feed reader.
Below is a summary of various features of Nokia Xpress browser:
• Detailed report on the amount of data that you consumed on the browser. Can be saved as a live tile for quick view.
• Save sites with RSS feeds in the browser and then view the articles in a magazine style layout.
• Save pages for offline viewing
• Save a video on SkyDrive and watch it later
• Tap on a word on a page and do a quick search on Wikipedia, Bing and YouTube
• Translate a page to one of the 10 language options available

Currently, Nokia Xpress browser can be only downloaded from Nokia Beta Labs. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think this app will actually be helpful in saving data usage? Let us know in the comment section below.

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