Nokia Lumia 920 up for pre-order in France at EUR 650


Nokia Lumia 920 is an interesting phone. It is one of the Windows Phone 8 devices which appeal me a lot and I’m sure it will find many buyers and help Nokia get out of the financial nightmare that it is going through. We know everything about the Lumia 920, but what we don’t know is the exact pricing.

Pricing plays a major role in success of any device. Yes, the final price when bought on a contract through a carrier is relatively low, but according to the plan, the device will be available both on/off contract in the US.

Price tag of Lumia 920 has already been revealed in several European countries. Like most of the high end smartphone devices, price of Nokia Lumia 920 also falls in the range of EUR 600 to 650. Usually, most of the new smartphone devices are launched in that price range, and some of the devices which don’t follow that strategy include Apple’s iPhone which is priced at EUR 800 in Europe., a retailer in France has put the Lumia 920 on preorder for EUR 649.90 (converts roughly to $840). Yes, at that price you will be getting a SIM free device and according to the retailer, the devices will start shipping by end of October. What’s more? They are also bundling a Fatboy wireless charging pillow for free for the first 200 preorders.

In a wake to all the rumors, Nokia Italy has solved the mystery via a press release. According to the PR, the flagship Lumia 920 will be priced at EUR 599 (converts roughly to $882) at the time of launch whereas the Lumia 820 which is placed below the flagship will have a launch price of EUR 499 (converts roughly to $643).

There have been confirmations on the pricing part in many other countries too. In a PR by Nokia Germany, the devices will be made available by mid-November, but the SIM free Lumia 920 will be costing EUR 649, which is EUR 50 more than the SIM-free price of the Lumia 920 in Italy. Though the price of Lumia 920 sees a hike in Germany, price of Lumia 820 remains at EUR 499. The 920 is priced at 25,000 rubles (converts to about $800) in Russia.

It should be noted that the pricing strategy that manufacturers follow for their flagship devices is quite different from how it is done in US. In Europe, most of the SIM free flagship devices are sold in the range of EUR 600, just like how $600 is a norm in the US. Nokia obviously has many advantages over the competition. Features such as optical stabilization camera and gloves-on touchscreen come at no premium, which definitely gives Nokia an upper hand.

To give you an idea of how the market works in EU, the SIM-free 16GB Galaxy S III is currently being sold for EUR 529 at Expansys Italy whereas the recently released Apple iPhone 5 is being sold for more than EUR 800 for the 16GB version. In case of Lumia 920, it will be coming with a 32GB.

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  1. I’m planning to buy white Lumia 920 with 2 year AT&T contract. And after 2years I will buy Lumia 980 or Lumia 1080. 🙂

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