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Nokia launches budget Lumia 510

Even though the smart phone market is growing rich with really high end smart phones, the market for entry level and budget smart phones is not dead. Some analysts do believe that a smart phone manufacturer will good percent of its revenue from selling budget smart phones. We have a lot of budget smart phones in Android. But what about the Windows Phone 8 market?

Well, HTC did show some interest in that with its new Windows Phone 8 series of smart phones. But Nokia has always been there for budget smart phone, and really, really cheap feature phones. Today, we are talking about one such budget, entry level smart phones from the company.

We have heard a lot of rumors about the Lumia 510, a Windows Phone smart phone. And today, the Finnish smart phone giant finally gets rid of the curtains and showed the smart phone behind them, it’s the Nokia Lumia 510, an entry level Windows Phone smart phone.

The first thing though that would come to your mind when you read that is that it would be a Windows Phone 8 smart phone, because it makes sense with the upcoming Windows Phone 8 announcement from the Redmond tech giant, Microsoft. But unfortunately, the Lumia 510 is coming with Mago, one of the most popular, but outdated version of the Windows Phone operating system.

Nokia is placing the Lumia 510 between the Asha range of devices and the Lumia 610, so can very well say that it’s not going to be enough for a power user. The Lumia 510 comes with a 256 MB of RAM, and 4 GB on board memory. Unfortunately, that is all you will ever get on this smart phone, because there is no expandable memory support. The smart phone features a 5 mega pixel camera on the rear, and no front facing camera. Also, there is a 800 MHz Qualcomm processor under the hood doing all the heavy weight lifting.

Source: Engadget

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