Nokia denies Microsoft’s plans for its own Windows Phone 8

Very recently, there was a rumor that Microsoft itself is designing a Windows Phone 8 smart phone which would be released to the market some time next year. This means that Nokia, the first manufacturer to exclusively adopt Windows Phone 8 as the operating system for its new smart phones, would get some very tough competition. There were no official words from neither of the companies on this. But recently, in an interview on Gigaom, Nokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop denied the rumor.

The Finnish smart phone giant’s CEO has said that Microsoft has no such plans, and Nokia will remain the company to exclusively use the mobile operating system. But there is always the question, can Nokia or Microsoft benefit from Nokia being a Windows Phone 8 smart phone only company? That is a completely different debate.

Elop also said that Windows Phone 8 smart phones by the company, such as the Nokia Lumia 920, have “low light photography capability,” which he says took years of original research. He also said that any rival would not match that performance or quality of output at this point of time. Boy Genius Report writes:

Elop also said that Microsoft “could” give Nokia exclusive access to certain parts or aspects of Windows Phone in the future, although he said that the company hadn’t done so yet. Elop also cited unspecified contractual rights that Nokia received by being the first company to exclusively use Windows Phone, but wouldn’t go into any details about what those rights entailed.

This could mean that the Finnish based smart phone giant and the Redmond based software giant have some really good relationship going on. But this relationship depends on how long will this go on and how much profits the two companies will make as a team. Only time can tell this.