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No more Verizon 2G and 3G CDMA in 2021

Update: Weber Shandwick for Verizon Wireless emailed me giving a statement from Verizon, and the statement is as follows:

“The Verizon Wireless 2G and 3G networks will be available into the foreseeable future. Recently published dates are guidelines that we are giving customers who have to plan, fund, and transition large enterprise projects to the faster speed networks. The Verizon Wireless 2G and 3G networks will be available as long as necessary to support customers who may have mission critical projects on those networks.”

Are you a Verizon 2G or 3G CDMA user? If so, then you are warned a decade ahead that the country’s largest wireless carrier is going to shut down the 2G and 3G CDMA frequency bands in 2012. The company is working hard on expanding its 4G LTE reach in the country, and it would definitely want to weed out the rarely used frequency so that it can expand its 4G LTE band to these frequencies.

So if you were planning to use your Motorola DROID 3 forever, you just can not. So start saving some bucks to buy a 4G LTE smart phone very soon. Aparna Khurjekar, Verizon’s vice president of global strategy for M2M, said, “We are giving a decade worth of pre-warning.”

This is not happening only with the Big Red. Almost all the wireless carriers in the United States are planning on doing the same thing, stop the services which are very rarely used so that they can expand the 4G LTE band.

Phone Arena says, “The early warning is more for M2M users who have to go to greater lengths to replace a network than the average consumer who merely upgrades to a new handset.” This is true, don’t you think so?

Coming to other wireless carriers in the country, AT&T has already announced that come 2017, it will be dropping the curtains on its 2G network as well. Other carriers, the small ones in the United States, are also working really hard on shutting down the outdated iDEN pipeline, for example, Sprint is closing down its iDEN pipeline next year for sure. And if you remember the old analog networks, they saw their end way back in 2008. I’m sure that a percent of people reading this would have never been on an analog network. Phone Arena writes:

By the end of next year, Verizon’s LTE service will cover its entire 3G footprint and the carrier will introduce VoLTE in 2013. Currently, calls made by Verizon customers are routed over the CDMA pipeline but Big Red will eventually have voice and data carried over its LTE network.

Source: Phone Arena

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