No Google search app for Windows RT users

The Google Search is one of the best ways to search the world’s most used search engine on mobile devices. We have widgets on Android smart phones and tablets, there is an app for iOS devices, and now on Windows 8 devices. But what about Windows RT devices? Well, if you try to search for Google Search in the Windows Marketplace on a Windows RT device, you would not get it. And if you try to side load it, you will get an error message saying, “Sorry, this app can’t be installed because your PC doesn’t meet the minimum system requirements.” Well, that is a sad story.

Does this mean that the Google Search is still not ready for Windows RT based systems? That is indeed the case. There were initial words on the internet that Microsoft might not have approved the app for the Windows RT based system. When Search Engine Land contacted the search engine giant, this is the reply they got:

We always aim to have our products available to as many people as we can and plan to launch updated versions of the Google Search app over time.

And then, reportedly, Microsoft also sent out an email to the online publication saying:

You’d have to ask Google, but apparently their search app doesn’t work on ARM devices. We just checked the app details in the Windows Store and ARM is not listed as a supported architecture.

This clearly means that even though Microsoft is ready to offer Google a chance to come into the Windows RT ecosystem, Google, for some reason, does not seem to be interested in ARM based devices.

So if you want to search Google on your new Windows RT device, you will have to go to Internet Explorer 10, open, and then make your search. And apparently, there will be no Chrome also. A statement from Google says:

Our understanding is that Windows on ARM [Windows RT] will not support a version of the Chrome browser. Internet Explorer will be the only desktop web browser on ARM-based devices.

And in reply to this, Microsoft told Search Engine Land,

With Windows RT we’re committed to meeting customer expectations for core experiences while also giving customers the choice of a wide range of applications and services from other providers, all easily accessed from the Windows Store. If developers want to build a browser for Windows RT devices they can do so through the Windows Store, similar to other mobile device ecosystem.

Source: Search Engine Land

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