Nexus 4 prototype lost in a bar

This is déjà vu for sure. First, the iPhone 4, then the iPhone 4S, and now, the Nexus 4. Has it got anything to do with the number ‘4’ in the name of these devices or do these devices just end up in the hands of the wrong test engineer? I am telling this because all the three devices mentioned here were left at a San Francisco bar before they were released. So yes, they were prototypes of high importance. If you found them, you could have made very good money with them, but also sent to jail if anybody found out.

The iPhone 4 was lost in a bar in San Francisco back in April 2010. Then in August 2011, iPhone 4S was lost in a bar in San Francisco. Come September 2012, the mysterious (not any more) Nexus 4 gets lost in another bar in San Francisco itself. Wow! That is some story. So how did this happen and why was this story not made public till now? Read on to know more.

The LG Nexus 4 was left behind a bar in San Francisco by a Google engineer. At that time, not much was known about the device. The bartender, Jim Barton, found the smart phone and thought that this is just one other smart phone out of the 20 smart phones that get left behind every week. The device was locked and the bartender was not able to open it. So he just kept the smart phone in the bar with the other left over smart phones. The next day, there were no claims.

So the bartender told about the story to one the regulars at the bar, Dave Hodge. When Hodge came to know about the Google logo and the “Not for sale” sticker on the smart phone, he realized that it was the Nexus 4. So he contacted Google on the next day, and after he got a reply from the company, he rushed to the bar the next day. He told the bartender that Google told him it had lost a device, and an employee was canned for it. He also told that Google said this could be an offense. The bartender decided to return the smart phone to Google.

Brian Katz, global investigations and intelligence manager at Google, was coming to retrieve the LG Nexus 4. He promised the bartender that he would get a brand new Nexus 4 if he did not leak this news till the Monday event. But Wired paid him for the photos that are leaked, and also the news. So it looks like the bartender is not going to get that free Nexus 4 he was promised. Hit the source link after the break for more images.

Source: Phone Arena

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