Next Nexus Device Rumored to Come with Android 4.2 Within 30 Days

We heard before that several phone manufacturers including Sony, LG and Samsung were working on Nexus devices.  In slightly over two weeks, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone will turn one, and it is about time we welcomed a new Nexus phone in the market, don’t you think?  According to a news story published by WallStreet Journal back in May, there are a number of Nexus phones coming before the holiday season and we can now speculate that one may be coming within a 30 day period, and it may come with a new installment of Android 4, Android 4.2 Key Lime Pie.


Earlier, there were rumors that Google may be working with Samsung for a Samsung Galaxy 2 smartphone but it appears this may not have been true.  If the rumor of a new Nexus device to be launched within a month with a new operating system are true, then this can be a major development because there is always something Google gives us with a new operating system installment.  Google’s android devices have been very successful in the market because of their quality build and low pricing and if there is a new Nexus smartphone, it is likely to be powerful yet affordable just like the Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus 7 tablet.

It was speculated earlier last month that LG would lead the pack in releasing a nexus device dubbed Optimus Nexus (yes, it sounds like word play) but so far there has been no development on that front.  Next came HTC, and a few blurry pictures surfaced with the rumor that the Droid Incredible X phablet (IDx) may have been a Nexus device.  It turned out to be the same old song and dance, nothing credible yet.  Since this new rumor about the Nexus device coming with Android 4.2 is said to be an iterative step up, it may be the closest we have gotten to unraveling any developments Google may be working on.

But then, these are just rumors for now, but eventually we will come across a rumor that turns out true.  Could this be it? We just have to wait for 30 days to find out, but if we see any development worth pointing out, this is the place to read it.

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