Newly Announced SwiftKey Flow Headed For Beta Testing

One of my favorite and leading keyboard developers, SwiftKey, has announced a new application today. Dubbed SwiftKey Flow, this new application will allow users to “flow” a word by gliding their finger across the keypad instead of tapping each letter individually. You can probably produce a good idea of what the app will do if you have ever used Swype before (or even alternatives to Swype). SwiftKey has implied that this new SwiftKey Flow app will be different than SwiftKey 3 because it incorporates their real-time prediction technology as a user “flows” together a word. SwiftKey’s power in artificial intelligence is truly amazing, and the developer boasts of that by noting they can correctly predict the next word 30% of the time before any characters are even entered into a text field (SwiftKey 3 is truly amazing, and if you get a chance I would highly suggest taking a look at the keyboard. A free version is available). Once two characters have been entered, through traditional typing or using the new “flow” ability, the odds of correctly predicting the user’s next word increases to a massive 84%. As you can imagine, this is highly impressive.

SwiftKey has said that they will be starting their beta test on this new app with members of their VIP community before eventually releasing the application in the Google Play Store. Below you can watch the embedded video of SwiftKey Flow in action. It actually is very cool, and if you have time to watch the short video it definitely won’t be wasted.

I am personally hoping that SwiftKey Flow isn’t going to be costing a whole lot, as users have already had to paid quite a bit of cash (for a keyboard) to get SwiftKey 3. I guess whatever price it is, I will definitely be on board with getting it, but having purchased SwiftKey 3 already, I do hope that it will just be a free app that is a sort of extension of SwiftKey 3. Whatever the case, it is definitely going to be interesting to see how this app fairs against the likes of Swype and such. Being an independent app and not being another “manufacture feature” it will surely be better than Swype, but how much better?

All in all, I am expecting the developers to bring their best to the table as they have with their previous applications. There is no doubt that they are going to produce a very great application if their track record says anything about them. Aside from that, real-time predictions sound nice in SwiftKey Flow, that definitely was not one of Swype’s good points.

Are you looking forward to seeing the power that SwiftKey Flow can offer? Have you used SwiftKey 3 before, and do you like it? Do you think that SwiftKey Flow should be an extension of our SwiftKey applications, or do you think that this would work very well as its own independent application?

Let us know your thoughts about this app in the comments below!

source: talk android


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