New Study By NPD Says Average Cellular Data Usage Of Android Users Is 870MB Per Month

I think I can speak for most everyone when I say that we could expect the average Android smartphone user to at least use a couple of gigabytes in data per month. According to the statistics that were provided by the NPD Collective Intelligence, most Android users do not use gigabytes of data a month, which seems rather inaccurate.

Research has suggested that on average, Android smartphone users only user a good 870MB a month on cellular networks, as opposed to the 2.5GB on wireless networks at home. When I first heard of these statistics, I thought the study was completely insane, as using 870MBs just seems ridiculously low. I would think that most people would use as much data as possible on their data plans to get the most out of their money. I alone surpassed my 5GB limit on AT&T last month and actually ended up using 30GBs or so. Still, I would think that most people would try and use as much as possible without exceeding their data limits.

NPD tracked a 1,000 Android devices with software that goes by the name of “SmartMeter” to obtain this data for their most recent tests. After the company collected the data that they needed, NPD categorized this experiment by age. It turned out that users who were 55 years or older, were using a very light data amount of 750MB on a monthly basis. Participants in the age group of 18-24 were using around 1.05GBs. This data is all based off of cellular data and not the home wireless network data too.

During the Wi-Fi usage tests, those who were 55 and older were averaging a good 1.42GB a month, with ages 25-34 using twice more than that, at 3.01GBs. You have to take into consideration that, even though the statistics sound unrealistic, the location of the participants are unknown, devices that are being used are also unknown, and the provided networks are also unknown.

NPD has also revealed that that they will be starting up a few similar tests on iOS users. It might be interested for the NPD to actually go a bit further with this study and take a look at users who are using handsets like the Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note, and etc. These are some really awesome handsets with some really powerful network connectivity. Not only that, but both devices managed to sell units of 10 million and more. So, with that said, since there are a lot of people using these handsets with powerful network connectivity, it would really be interested to take a look at the data usage on devices like these. That’s just what I would suggest since a lot of the world is using these handsets. I guess what I’m getting at, is that I would like to see a legit study using handsets that most everyone uses. Not a minor amount of users that may or may not have an advanced handset.

Do you think that this study is legit and worth taking into consideration? I’d like to hear your thoughts in the comments!

source: talk android