New Google Play Update Rolling Out, Receiving Wish List Features

Google is always making sure to constantly add improvements and new features to the Google Play Store. Gift cards had been one of those improvements most recently, but they aren’t stopping there. To help their users move into their “store” and away from their various competitors means implementing new features that users would expect to be available to them. One of these features that Google is implementing is the ability to create a wishlist within the Google Play Store.

Just the other day, Google announced that they would be updating the Google Play Store application up to version 3.9.16. Along with the malware scanning code that was discovered in the update, it had also been determined that this code would be presenting a new wishlist function in the application as well. Users are just starting to get the update, and some users have even discovered that the framework for the wishlist function isn’t the only thing included, but it is actually working too. Which is surprising as Google usually pushes the framework and then launches it later on down the line.

When you view the details of an application, users will be discovering a brand new icon at the top of the menu bar in the Google Play app. Clicking on the button will then add the item onto your Google Play wishlist. Say you want the newly released Chameleon interface that costs a bit to much right now, you can just add it to your wishlist. This just serves as a bookmark right now, so people can’t really buy it for your yet. That should be a feature we can expect soon since Apple already offers it in the App Store. The dropdown menu on Google Play now also includes a new entry for “My Wishlist,” which will then take a user to view the entire list of items that he or she has added to the list. The items in the wishlist are not limited to just applications though — any item that you can find available throughout Google Play has the ability to be added to your wishlist. Different items have been assigned different colors for their prices to help users distinguish the type when viewing their list. It’s kind of what we have currently, music has an orange color to it while Moves have a red color.

You don’t have to do anything to enable the wishlist, you just have to, as usual, wait for the Google Play Store application to update on your device. After it does that, you will have the full functionality for adding things to your wishlist. Now if only Google could add a “Gift an App” feature to Google Play to go along with this. It seems like the perfect combination. Sort of like how Amazon does it. You can add something to your wishlist, and someone can find it and buy something off of it for you. Not that everyone does that, but just as an example.

source: talk android