New CyanogenMod 10 Nightly ROM Brings Android 4.1.2 To The Table

Those of you that love to have those silly custom CyanogenMod AOSP ROMs on your handset, yesterday’s (October 10th) nightly release comes with a number of merged updates, and will also bring your handset up to Android 4.1.2. It was just the other day when the 4.1.2 was released to AOSP and began to roll out to Nexus 7 devices via OTA. Man, the team working on CyanogenMod works extremely quick. I guess that’s a good thing, as many of you are probably  loving how fast they come out. So much for Verizon’s update service, eh?

Of course, when Android 4.1.2 was sent to the AOSP, we were hit with their standard “improves performance and stability, and fixes a few bugs” change log from Google (pretty lame if I do say so myself). As you can imagine, sifting through all of that developer jargon that us everyday humans will never be able to understand is probably a bit scary to approach to find out what has change or what has been updated. In addition to that, it seems that it is still a bit early to start looking at any takeaways from the real-world testing of Android 4.1.2. On the other hand, based on a few different lines of jargon in the commit logs, we are able to see that there is one certain bug in 4.1.1 with “failing to connect to WPA enterprise wireless” that has been officially addressed in 4.1.2. On top of that, there also seems to be a few different mentions about the browser, audio, camera, the kernel, and then quite a list of updates.

If you are on one of the more recent CyanogenMod 10 releases from this past week, you’ll be able to grab today’s new nightly release that contains 4.1.2 within your ROM by headed on over to the CyanogenMod Updater service. You can access that by going to Settings > About Phone > CyanogenMod Updates. If you aren’t into this new update service, you can always just head to the standard website and download it manually. Just don’t screw things up on your device, you’d hate if you left yourself with a newly bricked handset. I would honestly just suggest doing it over the newly released CM Updater, as it will do everything for you correctly, and it shouldn’t be bricking your device at all. Manually, you can mess things up, but the CyanogenMod team knows that they’re doing, so using the CM Updater is going to be perfectly fine for you.

I’m looking forward to what the next few updates are going to bring after this. CyanogenMod 10 just keeps getting better and better. Since it’s now running Android 4.1.2, I’m sure there will be some speed increases, as Google and the CyanogenMod team do a fantastic job cleaning up messy code that tends to slow things down a bit. Not a whole lot, but you can often tell the difference. Either way, have you downloaded the nightly build yet? Are you noticing any differences with the new update? Let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear from you!

source: talk android

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