Need for Speed: Most Wanted for mobile is coming to iOS and Android

The most recent updates Electronic Arts (EA) released about its upcoming racing title, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, suggest that there is going to be a version created for mobile devices specifically for iPhone, iPad and compatible Android smartphones and tablets. Most Wanted is the most popular title in the Need for Speed franchise and everyone thought there was going to be a sequel when NFS: Most Wanted 2 was listed on one online retailer earlier this year.

On June 1st this year, EA confirmed that there would be a Most Wanted reboot instead of a sequel. The company also featured it at E3 live press conference on June 4th. Being one of the racing video games with huge following, the hype built up so fast and easily around it. Four months after it was officially revealed, EA released the first trailer of the game via Twitter to the amazement of fans.

NFS: Most Wanted has way better graphics than the first version released in 2005. Criterion Games is the studio responsible in developing the version for consoles and computers while Fire Monkey is for iOS and Android version. The game comes with new cars, which could now be damaged when involved in a collision, and realistic environment. Police also have many ways to take down racers in the game.

The Need for Speed: Most Wanted, according to EA, will be released by the end of October including the mobile version. North American gamers would be the first ones to enjoy it; Aussie gamers are expected to receive their copies on November 1st and Europeans on the 2nd. Basically, the company is trying to cover a wider audience this time and it might become the all-time seller for racing games this year.

A few gamers have already laid their hands on this game and so far, the first few reviews were positive. So, for now, the best thing to do is wait for it until it arrives at iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.