NCC Listing Gives Further Information On A 3G Nexus 7

Just last month we reported that the earth had been shaken with rumors of a 3G Nexus 7, which was rumored to launch around this time. A good indication on any device is the commission filings like the FCC in the United States. Supposedly, there is a extremely similar organization that goes by the name of the National Communications Commission (NCC) in Taiwan, and it is looking like a Nexus 7 with UMTS / HSDPA was just certified in the country. Talk Android reports that some websites were saying that this was a “retailer listing and could be fake,” but they go on to say that this is an actual listing from the government over in Taiwan. This means that there is a 3G Nexus 7 out there somewhere. Of course, the question everyone wants answered is when will it come to the United States? We don’t know of that yet, but Google recently announced an event to take place in New York City later this month on October 29th, where they will supposedly unveil this.

The model number is ME370TG and is made by ASUS, as the previous variants of the Nexus 7 were. As you can, it isn’t referred to as the Nexus 7, but the original Nexus 7 had a model number of ME370T. That said, it is probably logical and very safe to say that this is another variant of the Nexus 7. The listing has also revealed that this Nexus 7 will be featuring 32GBs of internal storage, and will be supporting GSM, WCDMA, Wi-Fi, along with Bluetooth and NFC. Germany’s Tabletblog is also estimating that this Nexus 7 could be priced at 299 Euros, which in USD is $399. To me, that seems like a bit much, especially after what the previous Nexus 7 variants were priced at, but again, adding 3G capabilities is pretty expensive.

I would assume that they would at least keep it in the $199 – $299 range, as they were originally keeping it pretty budgeted. Again, 3G capabilities with a carrier can be really expensive though, so who knows what we’ll be seeing. One disappointment is that its sounding like the 32GB version won’t be Wi-Fi only, which a lot of consumers were originally hoping for. I guess we will just have to wait for the even in New York City to take place later this month to find out the full details, we can only speculate as to what might or might not happen to this device.

So, with the Nexus 7 now having the ability to have some sort of cellular connectivity, would you be interesting in shelling out the estimated $399 for this baby? I personally would rather go pick myself up another Transformer Pad, or even something entirely different for that price. For $399, it personally, would have to have a whole lot more features than what the filing has revealed thus far. That is too large of a jump in my opinion, especially if the 3G is going to be powered by a carrier, unless they take the Kindle route and offer it free.

It’s all rumors for now, thankfully we don’t have to wait to long to finally see this baby.

source: talk android 

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