“MyXperia” Could Be Possible Sony Cloud Service

A trademark that was filed by Sony Mobile is suggesting that the company might be preparing and are looking to launch their own cloud service for their Xperia devices in the future. The filing reveals that Sony has applied totrademark the term “MyXperia” at the European OHIM (Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market), and the listing is also available online for the world to see.

The trademark application also lists a number of different services for MyXperia, which includes upload, storage, retrieval, download, transmission, and delivery of digital content and media. Definitely a extremely vague definition, but it does point to a possible proprietary Sony cloud service for exchanging various photos, music, and other media/data between Xperia phones and even possibly some of their other devices like their new Xperia tablet. To me, it seems like they are headed the way ASUS has done already with the ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T with their [email protected] platform. Of course, with it being Sony, we are definitely going to be seeing something intuitive here, and not a direct copy.

As you should know, Sony Mobile has previous relied on a partnership with Box.net for providing cloud services to Xperia smartphone buyers. So, I guess we can expect to see a service like this solely from Sony. The company also owns MyXperia.com, but at this moment it hosts nothing aside from a nondescript login page. By nondescript, I literally mean nondescript. Nothing as to what it is for, and there is literally no CSS on the page, just a plain white space with a login form. So, right now it could be a login for employee’s working on the website, or it could just be a login for when the service launches, and people want to sign up for MyXperia. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens in the coming months.

Right now we have ASUS, Samsung, some other companies, and now Sony headed to the mobile could space. With more, and more companies headed that way, it would be interesting to see things get speedy on this and see the MyXperia service on some of the upcoming Xperia handset for 2013. Again, things are vague right now, so we don’t know what path this is going to take, or even what it is going to exactly be like. We’ll just have to wait and see how it shapes up, and I personally will be keeping a watch on the MyXperia website to hopefully find some more information as we progress into 2013.

It’s definitely going to be interesting to see how this turns out, as Sony is really building up the features with their Xperia devices (e.g. the PlayStation Mobile service, the upcoming Gaikai and etc). If Sony were to launch a cloud service like [email protected], would that be something you would get in on if you had an Xperia device, or would you stick with Dropbox as many have for quite some time now?

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source: android central