Mr. Number Releases Infographic About Android Users

A new infographic from Mr. Numbers gives fresh insights about users of Android-based devices. Titled “7 Things You Wanted To Know About Android Users (But Were Afraid To Ask)” the infographic offers claims backed up by information from various sources: a July 2012 Nielsen report, a May 2012 CTIA Wireless report, An April 2012 report in USA Today report on the coverage of AT&T consumer costs, as well as 10,000 respondents using Android devices that were gathered by Mr. Number.

While the information included may not exactly be questions that are burning in the minds of mobile device users, they are still pretty interesting to know, especially for loyal Android fans, or even average technology enthusiasts.

The Mr. Numbers infographic states that almost 60 million people in the United States are using Android devices. This number is said to surpass those that were achieved by other kinds of devices.

Almost 85% of those involved in their survey send text messages on a daily basis, and 30% of them send messages to more than 10 people a day.

Almost 70% get unsolicited calls from telemarketers and other spammers, and 25% do so every week.

Given a choice between more features (like large displays and apps) and more affordable plans plus better service in terms of coverage, Android users, according to Mr Numbers, tend to prefer the latter.

More than half of users of Android devices purchase a new phone because they want to have a new device. Meanwhile, only 30% buy because their old phone is damaged or lost.

In deciding which new apps they should download, 34% of Android users listen to their friends’ recommendations whereas almost 50% find out about new apps through the Google Play Store.

Lastly, 63% of Android users are also not looking into purchasing an Apple iPhone as their next device, regardless of the handset’s price.

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