Motorola Saying Stock Android Is “The Right Thing,” Balks At Pure Android Experience As Well

One of the positive areas that many people may have been looking forward to with Motorola now being owned by Google, was the possibility that newer Motorola made devices would be running on the stock Android software without all of the manufacturer’s customization and such. However, the irony about the acquisition of Motorola is that it has shown no signs of releasing any sort of Android experience based off of the stock. With Google having acquired Motorola, it seems like it’s something that would happen. I mean seriously, Google acquired a company that just happens to manufacture smartphones, does it not make sense that they would be creating a pure Android phone? I guess not.

Motorola Mobility made the following statement:

“Going forward, we’re going to try to be as close to the base as we can be, because we think that’s the right thing for users. We think users also want fast upgrades and upgrades for their phones over the long haul, so we’re going to be focus on that as well. It’s a little bit different than what a lot of OEMs are doing and certainly what Motorola did in the past, but going forward that’s going to be our strategy.”

Some of this is really starting to look very ambiguous. It sounds like they really don’t have the full control of the devices that they produce. If you look, they mention releasing a device “as close to be as we can” as being the “right thing” for their users. It is questionable as to what this means. Still, who is preventing Motorola from creating a stock Android device other than themselves or even Verizon? From the statement it just seems like they are content with staying in the “middle” ground with a custom skin atop of the Android operating system. Of course, it is much easier to continue the way Motorola has been going with their devices, but you would think with the amount of devices they produce, that they would at least be willing to give a “DROID Nexus” a try. Right?

However, they did mention that the company would be striving to update all of their devices as quickly as they possible could as they move forward with the “new” Motorola. That said, hopefully someone over at Google has encouraged them to start the ball rolling with these updates. I can personally say that Motorola has been a company that is very far behind in updates compared to most of everyone else. My experience with their devices have been quite interesting in terms of software updates. All that said, hopefully this acquisition from Google is really changing things over there. It’d be nice to finally get some timely updates, especially when they promise a certain time frame. On the flip side of things, I think I would love to see a DROID Nexus. It would definitely be a unique device coming from Motorola, and they would be the perfect company to provide a Nexus (aside from Sony) just due to how good they do with their hardware (e.g. their advanced network chips).

Do you think that a DROID Nexus would be a good move from Motorola, or do you think that they just need to keep doing what their doing? I think a stock Android handset would be perfect for the company, but day after day we keep hearing that it won’t be happening. So, what are your thoughts on that? Let us know in the comments below!

source: talk android

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