Motorola Razr HD and Razr i will Pack Unlocked Bootloaders


Motorola has just added two new handsets to its list of smartphones with unlocked bootloaders. Motorola recently made a bootloader unlocking tool available for its customers which gained a fair amount of praise. And to make things better, Motorola decided to roll out new smartphones with unlocked bootloaders out of the box. Devices like Droid Razr M (Developer Edition), Photon Q 4G LTE, Razr HD (on Rogers) and the Droid Razr HD (Developer Edition) on Verizon pack unlocked bootloaders to make adding custom ROMs an easy process.

The international versions of the Verizon Droid Razr HD and the Intel based Razr i have now joined the list according to a Motorola’s Bootloader Unlock page. Sadly these two new smartphones are yet to arrive worldwide, but it’s good to know that Motorola gives you the freedom to play around with it. Although, adding custom ROMs or doing anything with the bootloader will immediately void the warranty, so Motorola won’t offer a replacement device in case you brick your smartphone. Verizon has been against unlocking bootloaders for its smartphones fearing potential damages to the device. But recently it launched developer editions of smartphones which came with unlocked bootloaders. The new Droid Razr M and Droid Razr HD have separate Developer Editions which come with unlocked bootloaders. The Razr HD will be available in Europe, Latin Americas and Australia while the Razr i will be rolled out globally in the coming weeks. It is commendable that Motorola wants to bring a change and give users the liberty to make changes to their device if need be, albeit with certain limitations.

Motorola has made substantial changes to its user interface, so users might not necessarily want to add a new ROM on board. This also makes sense when we consider the fact that these new gen Motorola smartphones have a Jelly Bean update scheduled. So most users might not see the need to flash new ROMs and take the risk. For the customers in the States, there is an option to either get the Developer Edition of these smartphones (only a selected few) or just the standard version with the locked and sealed bootloader. So it depends on what the user is looking for really. Verizon has been subject to a lot of criticism for its methods and it doesn’t seem like it will change its habits anytime soon.

In a time when Motorola is being criticized for not being quick with updates, this seems like a way to patch things up. Though we feel it’s hardly enough. Head over to the source link below to check which devices from Motorola will pack unlocked bootloaders.

Source: Motorola
Via: Droid Life

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