Motorola Nexus Possibly In The Pipleline And Android 4.2 Could Possibly Be Key Lime Pie

Here we are again with another leak before Google’s Playground event. Its nearly impossible to find out if this is legit or not, but this is definitely one of the more interesting rumors. The picture above is a Motorola document that specifies Android 4.2.2 as Key Lime Pie and then goes on to show when devices will be receiving this upgrade. As you should know with the most recent events from Motorola, not all of the devices even have Android 4.1 Jelly Bean yet. The big thing here though is the first two devices that were mentioned: The DROID RAZR X and the Motorola Nexus, which shows them being shipped with Android 4.2.2 Key Lime Pie straight out of the box. Did I not tell you that this was pretty interesting?

If a Motorola Nexus does indeed exist, and is truly in the pipeline, this does not mean that we will be seeing it Monday at Google’s Playground event in New York City, this just means that it could be coming out at a later date, presumably this year due to another year of Android’s existence. One thing that TalkAndroid pointed out, and is indeed odd, is that there is no DROID RAZR i to be found on the list. It is just simply listed as the RAZR i since it is not on Big Red (Verizon). In addition to this, there have been no sort of international device names that are mentioned, just DROID devices, which makes you kind of skeptical about all of this. Again, there is no way to find out if these rumors are legit or not because there is no way to verify the source of this information.

The information listed actually, to me, seems very logical and makes a lot of sense. Although, I personally would like to see more details before jumping on this bandwagon. The one thing that you should be excited about, if this proves to be true, is the Motorola Nexus. Those that love Motorola devices can get the hardware, and then get all of their updates straight through Google. That’s got to be a plus right?

All in all, I hope more news surfaces about this during or after Google’s Playground event. A Motorola Nexus does sound interesting and so does Android 4.2.2 Key Lime Pie. Although, I do doubt that Android 4.2.2 would actually bring any new and exclusive features to our devices. Who knows though, maybe we’ll be seeing an entirely new UI overhaul from Google, which would frankly be pretty sweet if I do say so myself. If you hadn’t guessed, I love getting UI updates, it’s like a new refresher for your handset, you know?

All of that aside, what do you make of these rumors? Do you think that it is indeed legit, or do you smell a fake here? We’ll really just have to find out more information as things get closer to a supposed release date, but let us know in the comments what you think about all of this!

source: talk android


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  1. The Motorola Nexus will be called one of the following:
    Droid Nexus 5
    Nexus 5
    These make sense because the Droid 4 has been released, but Motorola has yet to announce the Droid 5. I think it will be a Nexus with a 5 inch screen.

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