Motorola Moving Portions Of MOTODEV Studio To AOSP

Motorola Mobility has just broken off part of their core build system, known as MOTODEV Studio for Android, and has merged MOTODEV Studio into the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). MOTODEV Studio was previously tools that were closed-source and an alternative to the regular Eclipse IDE setup, which would allow key some key features like easy localization, drag and drop of shared code snippets, and browsing and manipulation of SQL databases through Motorola’s tool.

With merging some of these core plugins into the AOSP, developers will now be able to build and use these tools through Eclipse, and if you’re a programmer, you should know that this is by far, the most popular IDE for Android development. Motorola also has provided full instructions for getting the code via GIT, and then integrating all of the plugins into the Eclipse IDE (you can find these at the source links below).

Learning to program myself, this is entirely confusing to me. When it comes down to it, it’s really complicated, and geeky stuff. For the average person, it basically means that Motorola used to make a stand alone set of tools that developers would be able to use to make apps. A couple of people have said that they were really nice tools, and there’s even been some people around forums and such that has also said that they are really nice tools. Still, the majority of the people using these tools felt that it really wasn’t worth losing the integration of Eclipse due to it being the program that most people use to write and build Android applications.

Today, we have learned that Motorola has open sources a lot of these tools, and has merged them in with the rest of the open source sources tools and code in the Android Open Source Project. With all of that said, developers will now be able to use Eclipse, but still download and build the Motorola tools as plugins for the Eclipse IDE. Better and ever increasing tools means more and better applications. I’m sure I can speak for everyone when I say that we all like out apps. Especially when they are a quality product. I’m really excited to see this because it not only makes the life of a dev easier, but I can only imagine that aspiring developers will be able to learn from a lot of these changes too.

Is anyone excited on this new move from Motorola? Is this going to encourage developers to use these tools again? I’m actually really interested in learning them and using them, and since they are now apart of AOSP, it’s going to be really easy to get our hands on it. I can guarantee that we are going to be seeing a huge spike in apps, and may see a new Google Play 25 cent sale fairly soon here.

Whatever your thoughts are on Motorola doing this (we’ve seen a lot of anger towards them as of late!), let us know in the comments below!

source: android central, Motorola

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