Motorola Has Lost The Trust of Their Users: Avoiding A Publicity Mess [Part 3]

If you haven’t read the previous part yet, you can head on over here to read about it.

Before reading on, you should know that this part is completely of my opinion, and I have no sources for information about this. So take it as you will. The Motorola Atrix 4G and Motorola Atrix 2 were release in the same year with extremely similar specification in terms of hardware. So my question here is, why did the Atrix 2 get the update and not the Atrix 4G? There really isn’t a reason that the Atrix 4G shouldn’t of got it, aside from the fact that Motorola’s user base surrounding the Atrix 2 is much larger than its predecessor, the Atrix 4G. I’m proposing that the reason why Motorola did not update the Atrix 4G is because of the smaller user base  thus they would have a smaller and weaker user base to deal with than the much larger Atrix 2.

It sounds quite backhanded, I know. To back this thought up I want you to go to the two following links: Atrix 2 specs, Atrix 4G specs. You will notice that the specs on both of these devices are extremely similar to each other, so technical reasons shouldn’t of been a problem. Especially considering that before the Bootloader was locked up on the Atrix 4G, the XDA Community was already working on a stable custom Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich ROM. Heck, there is even a Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ROM in the works for it. What gives, Motorola?

In summary, I really think Motorola just updated the Atrix 2 to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to simply avoid bad publicity. It sounds a little underhanded, but we did at least get the Ice Cream Sandwich update. Still, this unfortunately means that the people yelling about the lack of updates for the Atrix 4G and other devices aren’t as loud. Again, this is solely my opinion, and I have seen companies do similar moves like this to avoid such bad publicity. I’m sure a lot of people have seen it happen before, and there aren’t any solid facts, but what other reason did Motorola have to not update the Atrix 4G? They’ve said that it is so they can focus on their newer devices, but would you really do that after promising and even influencing your users to get the Atrix 4G simply for Ice Cream Sandwich? It’s really questionable.

I guess it could just be because they wanted to move forward with their newer devices and they had to draw the line somewhere. It still seems rather shady to me, as I myself had seen them promise over and over again that the device would get the update along with the Atrix 2. Whatever the case, it really seems like they’re just trying to avoid a huge publicity mess by providing it for the Atrix 2, the more popular device, as opposed to the Atrix 4G, the less popular handset.

Stay tuned for part 4 where I will summarize everything and then provide a few ways to possibly get you updated to Ice Cream Sandwich if you are interested in ROMs from the XDA Community.

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