Motorola Atrix 2 Receives Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, First Impressions On The Update

After an extremely long wait for the Atrix 2 to get the Ice Cream Sandwich update, it has finally come. There has been a lot of speculation and doubt, which has mainly been coming out of Motorola Mobility as to whether we would be getting the update or not. Thankfully we’ve gotten it, but the Atrix 4G has still been left in the dust, despite the leak on the XDA Forums (which happens to be extremely buggy). I was able to get the ICS update on my Atrix 2, and I can say that it is simply amazing. It is about 100x better than the Gingerbread update, as expected. One of the cool things about the update is that Motorola actually released a feature for the Atrix 2 where you can add a printer to the device. It’s not a separate app, it’s actually something that Motorola developed. I haven’t tested it out just yet, but it is awesome that that is there, and most devices just do not have that feature.

I’ve always loved the aesthetics that Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich offered on my ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T (which is now at Jelly Bean), and having it on my Motorola Atrix 2 is just wonderful. One of the other features that was added into the update is known as “Smart Actions.” Smart Actions allows you to add certain events to your phone to help save battery life, data consumption and etc. You can set it to detect when it is night time, and then when it’s night out, you can tell it to dim the screen, shut off the ringtone and etc. After setting that up, it will do those steps for you every night from the time you set up that new rule on your phone. This is one of the really awesome features on the Atrix 2.

In addition to all of that, there are some really noticeable speed improvements. Applications open up almost instantly (that may change after I download and fill up the device with more apps though). The lock screen has also changed, along with the notifications and text messaging format. Notifications are more easy to get rid of, and the text messaging is designed in such a way that it is easier on the eyes and also provides a much cleaner look than what it was previously. Apart of the update, we also received some new camera updates and once again, another design overhaul with the camera.

Overall the update has been fantastic. I am really happy with what they have brought to the Atrix 2, though the fact that the Bootloader isn’t getting unlocked is disappointing. It’s also too bad that the Atrix 4G isn’t getting it, which may be a huge blow to Motorola here. Losing the trust of your consumers isn’t a good thing.

Have you gotten your update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich? Are you loving the new overhaul, or are you a bit disappointed and think that Motorola could have done better with it? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. tried the Media/Audio/Ringtones thing, then couldn’t access for default ringtones or individual ringtones. Put Ringtones back to top level on SD card, now can use for default ringtone, but don’t see my ringtones to customize for individual people like I could before. Also hate the new “People” contacts book. Lost some of my contacts, and they are all scrambled, and the search function doesn’t find people who are there if I scroll down. Finally removed it and installed Contacts+, and it works much better, and can use it for text and for calling.

  2. For the ringtone problem, Copy your custom ringtone mp3 to ‘sdcard/media/audio/ringtones’ directory. Once the sdcard is scanned for media, the file will appear in your available ringtone list.

  3. thanks for the idea to down load the quickpic. i lost all my pictures and called motorola and they did not know how to get them back. after all that time on the phone talking to 3 different people they still didnt know. i got all my pictures back.
    thanks kissmekati. i to do not like the new update, it sucks.

  4. yeah i have that problem, att said i had to make a motoblur account buy a new blank sd card, i was not informed i had to have a motoblur account when i bought this phone for it to work properly, and really dont see why I have to share my photos and music with motorola, kind of an invasion of privacy, basically im stuck with this until my contract is up, I dont like the Iphone operating system, but I WILL NOT OWN ANOTHER ANDROID PHONE, im not really interested in bunch a weed smokers with the munchies with their jelly beans and gingerbreads and their ice cream sandwiches that feel the need to design an update that requirs me to share my music and personal photos with them, NO THANK YOU!

  5. I’ve got everything I can think of working as designed but for one. I can’t manage to get the print function to work correctly, and I’m not sure if it’s the phone or the printer. I’m trying to print from my Atrix 2 running ICS to a Samsung laser printer at work. I open the file, then choose the print function. I have already scanned for my printer and found it and set it up on my phone.
    I then give the print command and after a second or two, I’ll hear the confirmation sound come from the printer, but that’s it. No print action takes place, just the sound it makes after a print task has occured successfully. Any idea which unit is at fault so I can start my diagnosis? Phone or printer?

  6. Despite of many cool features like the new music player,improved camera,more convenient messaging,improved UI & new apps I am quite dissatisfied in some respects. The battery life has become awful & the phone has become extremely could say that the reason for the lag could be that my device is filled with applications and games but I hadn’t noticed any such lag issues on 2.3.6 & this lag is persistent even after I deleted a great amount of apps and even after downloading ram boosters.I even miss the amazing transition effects of 2.3.6 on this device.Another disappointment is that the music player does not have radio,soundhound or lyrics downloader.It is another big issue that you can’t change the ringtone to a song from your SD card and are forced to choose one from what motorola has provided under settings.I seriously hope that there is a jelly bean update and these issues are overcome.

  7. I downloaded an app called quickpic and got all of my photos and videos that way.

    My problem is that none of my ringtones of messaging tones will stick. I will select them and put them for my general ring tone or message tone and they won’t stick. They won’t play and then a little bit later get replaced with a general tone from the phone. Anyone else having that problem?

  8. I too downloaded ice cream update for my Atrix 2 and have lost access to a bunch of priceless pictures and viceo on my phone. The weird thing about it is that the picture and video files are there but for some reason I can’t access them, can’t open them and can’t get them off the phone. This is utterly negligent of motorola to not simply mention prior to update that one should consider downloading all photos and videos. While the update has improved some things, my battery life as others have mentioned is absolutely dreadful!!!!
    Once I get done with this contract thats it with Motorola.

  9. I recently downloaded the 4.0 ice cream sandwich on my motorola atrix 2, I thought it was really cool at first until I couldn’t find anything on my phone anymore. It’s so confusing, I’m new to a smartphone, so having to reset and learn everything over after finally starting to know how to use the thing in the first place is so frustrating!! I thought it probably would just take me some time to get to know more about how to use it, but not the case at all, now all of my videos, pictures, music, and ringtones are gone!! UGH!! My SD card is empty except for the pics taken after the install! I read through and don’t recall being warned that I’d lose everything if it wasn’t backed up. Now I barely use my phone and the battery is low and needs to be charged more often and is usually dead when I really need it. Is there anyway out there that can help me restore my lost pics and videos?? Not a happy camper!! 🙁

  10. At first, was constantly getting the pop-up “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped”. After some research, did a factory reset and voila. All is well. Since I was backed up on Google, it restored contacts and apps automatically.

    Me likee!

  11. I HATE this update they should call it a down date because it put me down in the dumps! I can’t get to any of my apps without going to play store first. Updates are supposed to make it easier not harder!

  12. Anyone figure out how to delete multiple (NOT ALL) text messages in a dialog? It appears we lost that ability as well Now it’s all or nothing(delete one at a time, which takes forever).

    Also, when typing, you can’t turn on CAPS LOCK. You can SHIFT one letter at a time. Aggravating!

  13. Battery life is reduced drastically.
    No longer have auto end apps
    Which u cant do on smartactions and my social status update bar disappeared along w a few contacts. Most of the new features are great..just hate having the old ones messed with. Please bring bk task manager!

  14. Okay so im glad i found this because my phone is completely wack after the update. i cannot do anything on my phone. ive talked to a radioshack rep and we factory reset my phone and it didnt help so he transferred me to Motorola and then the lady tried the boot mode and still nothing. THIS IS COMPLETE BS!!!! Its not our faults that Motorola didnt think this through or whatever. I am not happy by all means. I cannot use my phone at all. No texting No calling, No social networking. SO Motorola what are you going to do to fix our problems i would really like to know cause i for one do not have the money or time to be without a phone. My job relies on my phone.

  15. I updated last night and now my videos won’t play, even new test ones I’ve taken after the update. The camera has even crashed a couple of times. Any one have any ideas?

  16. I just got the update tonight and my phone is all screwed up! I cannot open my text messages, it keeps freezing to the point where I have to shut it off. Help!!!

  17. Missing the social networking widget showing updates from selected social sites. Any suggestions for a replacement?

  18. I found on the web today a fix for this. You have to delete your contacts and contact storage. I did this today and the error message finally stopped popping up. The downfall for this is you lose any contacts saved to your phone.

  19. seemed slow at first, 24hours later i don’t have much of a problem. i noticed poor battery life for 2 weeks now.

    what i miss:
    the upward swipe from home screen that showed all 5 pages. (can this be done still? )

    the effect of swiping between screens where all icons flew across at different angles (i know- big deal)


    But overall i love it:

    love the improved notification bar with audio/power controls.

    love that i can put widgets in the app tray on home screen

    lock screen is handy

    Chrome is good (but no flash!!)

  20. Yes! It is extremely annoying and I have no idea what to do about it! I have been searching on the Internet but nothing it is telling me to do has worked so far!

  21. The ICS update is even better then I expected. My phone is now faster, but like others have mentioned, I’m also experiencing a shorter battery life. Interestingly, I first noticed the battery issues a couple of days before I received ICS, although it was probably due to something else and just a coincidence.

    The print system added by Motorola is fantastic! It was quick and easy to connect my network printers to it. I’ve been using Google Cloud Print for some time, but it’s not available in every app and sending print jobs into cyberspace, only to have them sent back, never seemed ideal (although it does have it’s advantages some times.) It’s the first time I’ve seen this feature in a phone, but I expect we’ll see all new phones have it in the future.

    Smart Actions is nice, although I first downloaded it on Gingerbread and have been using it for a while now. One of the greatest new features, which I don’t believe you mentioned, is that we have now have the ability to use Google’s Chrome Browser, instead of the stock browser. While the stock browser did receive a nice update, I don’t think it opens your desktop browser windows on your phone, as Chrome does. I sign into Chrome from multiple computers throughout the day and I love being able to open windows from another machine. You can even open windows from your phone’s browser on your desktop. Needless to say, it’s really cool.

    As I said, it’s even better then I expected. I wish it hadn’t taken so long, but still, well done Motorola!

  22. After I tried to do an update my phone got stuck in Airplane mode. It can’t turn Airplane mode OFF. And it also keeps restarting every few minutes.

  23. I am having the same problem. Significant decrease in batter life. Based on my light use I am down to a half day (12-20 hrs) rather than a day (24-36 hrs). Ugh. But nice features, improved UI…

  24. What happened to the task manager app? I used to use it constantly to shut off running apps so they wouldnt drain my battery but now its gone

  25. I think those are just recent apps. If you press the home button with nothing there it says, “No Recent Apps”.

  26. Yea, I hit snag with the router and the dlink firmware update. For some reason, it said the file wasn’t compatiable. But I found out that a crash reset gets rid of that problem. Once I updated it works fine.

    Thank you,

  27. my phone got slower after that update. moreover i got that update long back. sometimes i need to restart my phone, as it doesn’t respond. When i enabled my gprs, i need to either restart or turn on/off airplane mood. i don’t know why but these things are coming after update.

  28. I checked my SD card and there was a folder called “Promo” that had 30,000+ subfolders. I deleted it and now my phone is better and my photos are back. Apparently that was causing my phone to get hung up searching for media.

  29. since upgrade I keep getting message
    “Unfortunately the process android.process.acore has stopped” will not go away. At&t could not assist, & Motorola wants to do factory default. Just curious if anybody else is having problem.

  30. So that’s the new way to use task manager..thanks so much, I’ve been trying to figure out how to end running apps since getting the update 🙂

  31. I cannot access my photos or music and my keyboard types multiple different letters from all over the keyboard from a single touch

  32. I have had the update for two days now and absolutely love it! Feels like a new phone. I love that I can finally use Chrome as a mobile browser too.

  33. Re: Battery Life

    You really need to make sure you set up SmartActions to help save battery.

    Also, be sure to hold down your Home Screen button and “toss/swipe” any running apps. When you hold down the home button .. running apps will appear, but swipe them to the side to end them. This is the replacement for task manager.

    It will still hog a bit more battery than Gingerbread but it’s well worth it. You just have to “manage” some things to conserve battery.

  34. I have had no problems yet and as for battery life mine last alot longer than before so no sure why yours is @anthony. So far so good here! I Thanx Motorola!

  35. Plauged by “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped” popping up constantly. Any ideas?

  36. I got the update this morning and my battery is completely drained by this afternoon with moderate use. I used to go more than a day with the same amount of use. I hope it will be better tomorrow. Also, I did not remember to save all of my photos prior to update and they are gone.

  37. I am having the same problem. When I look at the battery usage in Settings, it shows that Media is using 64% of the battery life. when i try a Force stop on it, it does nothing. I have not f0ound any way to stop it. In fact, even when plugged in, it discharges rather than charges.

  38. I’m no Wireless guru, but you could try shutting off the router for a while, and possibly look for a firmware update?

  39. You could check if there is a firmware update available for your router. Updating the firmware on a Linksys router fixed connectivity issues to the iPad.

  40. Hi,
    It is an awesome update! But it won’t connect to my wi-fi at home. It was connecting fine before the update. I tried “Forgetting All Networks” and even removing the ATT Smart Wifi App (I heard people had problems with this in the past) and still no success. My DI-624 DLink router is setup for DHCP Wireless, so I am not sure what the issue is. My PS3 and MacBook both work fine wirelessly. Also, it seems to work on a Static IP Network. So the only thought I am left with is that I either need a new router or need to add my phone to it statically. Unless anyone else has ideas?

    Thnak you,

  41. I’ve noticed a significant decrease in battery life for me. I used to last up to 12 hours of moderate use. Now I only get 6 hours of moderate use.

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