More nano SIM cards coming to T Mobile this weekend

For people who have been dreaming about a T Mobile iPhone 5, the day may come, or may not come. But the closer you can get to a T Mobile iPhone 5 is getting an unlocked version of the new Apple iPhone 5 and use a T Mobile SIM card. You may say that the new iPhone 5 needs not a micro SIM card which is easily available, but even smaller, the new nano SIM card. But worry not, T Mobile hears you.

The wireless carrier has been manufacturing nano SIM cards for the new iPhone 5 right from the day the smart phone was announced. So, if you want a T Mobile iPhone 5, you will have to shell out $650 to $850 for an unlocked version of the new Apple iPhone 5, and then buy a nano SIM card from T Mobile and then use the combination.

The news comes from Tmo News, a blog which has a reputation for being right. The nano SIM cards are already being sold to interested customers around the world. T Mobile is not officially allowed to sell the new iPhone 5, the Cupertino based tech giant is against it. So the wireless carrier is giving out exiting data offers so that iPhone 5 users will come to the wireless carriers no matter what.

But the Verizon version of the new iPhone 5 is a GSM smart phone which comes unlocked out of the box. So there is another attraction for users who are willing to buy the Verizon version of the smart phone and then use a T Mobile nano SIM card, but the guarantee of the T Mobile SIM card working with the Verizon version of the smart phone is not yet known. Want to try it out? If so, let us know how it went.

Source: Electronista