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Modbook Pro priced at $3,499, release date set in mid-November

Custom-built tablet, Modbook Pro, is now open for pre-orders. California-based company, Modbook Inc, has published a press release Wednesday, October 3rd, announcing its 13.3-inch tablet will be worth $3,500 and that shipment would start in mid-November. has also been launched to cater the needs of the people, especially tech enthusiasts, who want to personalize or customize the specs of their tablets. The website has an interactive configurator with each bullet for every component pre-set on the default specs provided by the company.

Basically, what users can do is choose an upgrade for each specification or add a certain component. Modbook Pro is already a very powerful device that comes packed with Intel Core i5 Processor clocked at 2.5GHz. Its standard RAM is 4GB and 64GB solid-state internal memory. While it is priced at an almost luxury range, tech enthusiasts believe the price is just right for the performance it guarantees.

Here are the components users have the liberty to choose or upgrade:

Processor. From the default or standard, users would be able to choose Intel Core i7 processor with 2.9GHz clock speed. An additional $300 will be charged to user’s credit card for this. While Core i5 is definitely enough to take care of the processes of the tablet, it may fall short for people who need hyper-threading.

Memory. While the 4GB RAM is more than enough for a tablet, users are given a chance to even select a much larger memory; for $90, users can get 8GB and 16GB for $240. Moreover, the internal memory can be upgraded to 180GB, 240GB and 480GB for $230, $390 and $780, respectively.

OS. Users are also given and option to install two operating systems on their devices. Unfortunately, Modbook offers no more that Windows 7 Professional (both 32- and 64-bit are priced $199.99) and not the upcoming Windows 8.

To make it even more interesting for some, Modbook offers Single and Dual Head Display Solution, so it’s up for the users to choose which one best fits their lifestyle. Or, they can add extra bucks to get a Logitech keyboard. Basically, the price of the tablet depends on how many components users want upgraded; $3,499 is for stock specs.

Source: Modbook Shop

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