Minecraft Xbox 360 Halloween Skins Available For A Limited Time Only, Earnings Will Go To Charity

Users have been wanting custom skins for the Xbox 360 for quite some time since the games release on the console. Users got their wish later on, but now Mojang has launched the Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Halloween Skin Pack on the Xbox Marketplace. Every last penny made off of the skin pack will be going to charity. The Skin Pack has a whopping 55 designs for your Minecraft character and costs a mere 160 Microsoft Points (again, every penny is going to charity). All of the proceeds from the sales will be split between a few different charities. One of them is Child’s Play, which you might be familiar with. Others include Macmillan Cancer Support, Sands Lothians (also offers support to bereaved parents) and Block by Block (a project that is trying to engage the younger generation in designing public spaces that uses Minecraft as a tool).

If you so desire, you can read a whole lot more about these charities by heading over to Play XBLA. There is tons more information that you might want to know about if you plan on buying this Skin Pack solely for the benefit of charity. All of that said, skins that you will find in the Halloween Edition (for the Xbox 360) are by 4J studios, 343 Industries, Rare, Mojang, Ronimo, Twisted Pixel, Tequila Works, and some other developers.

Skins from Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition developer 4J Studios are joined by creations from 343 Industries, Rare, Mojang, Ronimo, Twisted Pixel, Tequila Works and a whole lot more. Some of the skins that were made are actually really cool.  While Mojang, the owners of Minecraft, did not contribute a whole lot of skins, Climax Studios seems to have been the one that contributed the most. Not to mention that they also seemed to have made all of the cool ones as well! I mean seriously, how can you not resist dressing your character up as a Zombie Businessman or even a Headless Horseman?

Keep in mind that the Halloween Skin Pack will not be available forever. As it is going to be a seasonal addon, you will only be able to purchase it for a very limited time. You can hit the source link below to buy and remotely download the Skin Pack to your Xbox 360 if you so wish. The file is only 204KB so it will not be taking up a whole lot of internet data if you don’t have an unlimited plan either. Of course, if you don’t own Minecraft on your Xbox 360 yet, it is very possible that Mojang and 4J Studios will continue doing seasonal skin packs like this. So, if the lack of skins in the game has been keeping you from purchasing it, right now is the perfect time! You can also purchase and remotely download the game by heading to this link.

Have you tried out the Halloween Skin Pack yet? Which one is your favorite? I personally like the Headless Horseman the most.

Let us know in the comments below!

source: Xbox Marketplace
via: Eurogamer

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