Minecraft “Pretty Scary Update” Has Released

Alright Minecraft fans, the Halloween update is finally here! Developer Mojang has posted an info-graphic on their website slightly going over all of the new additions to the game. One thing players are going to be particularly excited about is the new Anvil feature. While you can not craft your very own “Dragon’s Tooth of Wisdom” weapon, you certainly can name your weapon that. There’s also the ability to repair your weapons, which is probably a godsend for most everyone. No more need to constantly create the same weapon over and over again, right? Definitely an improvement that should of been in the game a long time ago.

What better way to celebrate Halloween than with a feast of goodies? An array of pixelated goodies have been added into the game. Pumpkin Pies? You bet! Potatoes? Definitely!

Some other things you’ll be seeing is a couple of new monsters integrated into the game, including an all-new boss to fight! The new boss is called “Wither,” but the info-graphic does not go into detail as to what he actually does, where he can be found and so on. Another monster that was added is called a Wither Skeleton, I am going to assume that those are the “Wither’s” henchmen of some sort.

Bats and Witches have also been added to the game. Witches will be throwing potions at you and the bats will swarm you annoyingly and chirp in your ear! Perfect. Keep in mind that Witches will only spawn at Witch Huts and no where else. That said, you’ll have too go searching for them across the world of Minecraft. Hopefully they are more frequent than NPC villages when they were first released.

There are a few more items and features added to the game, but those are the most notable ones. Still, there’s one more you should be aware of before going off to play Minecraft. Monsters have improved AI and can now carry equipment. That Diamond sword you dropped when you died? Yeah, you may not enjoy it so much that the monster now has it and is proceeding to slash at you with it. Fun times. The info-graphic does not mention if it picks up your armor either, so that will definitely be quite a surprise. I assume that they won’t as I think it would imbalance the game with Zombies wearing diamond armor and all.

This has definitely been quite an improvement over last years Halloween update. I actually really like this one, especially the new boss and mobs to fight. It definitely gives a variety to what you see in Minecraft everyday. Fighting regular zombies and creepers do get quite old after a while.

Although, creepers tend to always give me quite a surprise after blowing half my creation up.

Have you gotten to try the new Halloween update in Minecraft? Are you enjoying it so far? Have you renamed your sword to “Dragonslayer of the North” yet? Err, I mean crafted such a sword yet?

source: Mojang


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