Minecraft 1.4.1 Provides An Extreme Amount Of Fixes

This upcoming patch to Minecraft is due to hit players clients on this Thursday, October the 25th. It seeks to fix quite a number of bugs that have been experienced as of late, including “wet wolves looking way too scary.” It is obvious that someone had obviously complained about these wet wolves looking too scary or the developer, Mojang, just didn’t like the design they took with it and are looking to take a different direction with it. With Halloween just around the corner, it’s even more weird that they are doing such a thing. Definitely not a complaint here, I just find that the emphasis on this is rather odd. On the other hand, it is pretty awesome that such a successful indie studio is being so outward and non-caring about this.

On a different note, the patch seeks to fix some more practical issues such as certain bugs causing mobs to — for some odd reason — fall through wooden floors and even suffocate. Definitely no game breaking bug, but definitely quite an odd one at that. With that said, this is an issue that they have fixed in this upcoming patch. Another thing they fixed is when the case that the Redstone Repeaters gets stuck on its ‘on’ state. Bats are now spawning less frequently as opposed to the masses that they were originally spawning in. There has also been a minor amount of fixes with the text font in the game. One of the more notable fixes is that tweaking of naming costs found in the Anvil, tweaking enchantment point rewards for smelting and fixing mob spawners that were spawning extremely too swiftly.

There has also been a rather major bug that allowed any item to be placed in any of the armor slots in your inventory. Thankfully this has been fixed and now only armor can fit in your armor slots! Overall this has been a good patch with a lot of the more major features being fixed within the game. I do have to say personally, that the bat reduction is something that I have been looking forward too. The amount that spawn in caves and underground dungeons have been extremely ridiculous.

Another thing that I am personally excited about is the issue with the Redstone Repeaters getting stuck on the ‘on’ state. Now user created contraptions and experiments can finally start working properly without spending quite a bit of time just trying to get it to work. I’m very glad that Mojang continues to support Minecraft despite Notch, its original creator, stepping down from the game.

Is anyone looking forward to this update? Are you looking forward to October 25th when it releases, or are you just waiting waiting on another content update? Content updates are great and all, but with any new addition to a game, there are many different bugs to follow with that.

Let us know in the comments below, surely we have some Minecraft players out there that can comment on this!

source: eurogamer

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  1. I heard that the modAPI was being removed. I read somewhere that due to the moders making money, it was not a plan Mojang was interested in. I also heard that even if the modAPI were to come out, it would only hurt the more advanced coders atempt to create really complex mods.

  2. I’ve already got the prerelease and I am enjoying it greatly. I still can’t wait until they release the mod API though so we can start getting all of that content in an easier manner.

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