Microsoft to add Google Maps to patent infringement claims in Motorola lawsuit

The patent war between Microsoft and Motorola Mobility is not yet over, and the Redmond based software and operating system giant is all in for the battle. The company has now included another product in the law suit which it says infringes a patent it holds. The new product that has been added is Google’s own Google Maps. But how did Microsoft add a Google product into the lawsuit it has against Motorola Mobility? Well, the answer is simple. Motorola Mobility now belongs to Google, so practically Microsoft is fighting the patent war against Google only.

According to the report, Microsoft holds a patent which it got back in 1995, and Google Maps violates this patent. Microsoft still has rights for this patent for the next three years, which is a quite a good period to fight a war for. If in case the company wins this case, Motorola Mobility and Google will have to stop distributing Google Maps with any Android device that the companies will sell starting next year, only in Germany. But if the software giant wins this case, there is a very good chance that it might book the case lawsuit against the companies in other major markets as well, namely Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Ubergizmo writes:

Supposedly every Android manufacturer has licensed Microsoft’s patent portfolio, but according to FOSS Patents’ Florian Mueller, Google opposed Motorola’s licensing of Microsoft’s patent portfolio which has ultimately led to the lawsuit.

How will Google and Motorola Mobility survive this fight? Well, that is not yet known. But as far as my knowledge goes, if Microsoft wins this case and if third party Android smart phone makers still want to include Google Maps in their smart phones that are sold in Germany, they will have to pay some more money to Microsoft along with what they are already paying for each Android smart phone and tablet they sell.

Source: Ubergizmo

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