Microsoft Surface Tablets to be available for purchase on Oct. 26th at midnight

Microsoft showcased its Surface line of tablets a couple of months ago with the yet to be released operating system, Windows 8. The tablets will be made available in different configurations, and price tags. The Microsoft Surface tablets will be placed in the market to compete with the ever popular Apple iPad and many other entry level and high end Android tablets. Till now, the Redmond based software giant had not given a definite date for the launch of the devices, but now we have one.

The company has officially sent out invites to the press asking them to join the company on the 26th of October to celebrate Windows 8. With the new and drastically revamped operating system, will come the Surface tablets as well. Many other third party Original Equipment Manufacturers are waiting for the launch of the operating system so that they can bring out their Windows 8 powered tablets to the market. And that is going to happen very soon.

Phone Arena writes, “An invitation sent to the press says, “You’re invited to celebrate Windows 8″ on October 25th from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.,” which can be translated to read, “come see our Microsoft Surface tablets”.” A Microsoft spokesperson has said that the tablets will be made available for sale at midnight on the 26th of this month, both online on the company’s website and at Microsoft Stores. But since the presence of Microsoft’s Stores is very meek, your best bet on buying the device is online from the company’s website.

The prices for the tablets are not yet confirmed. The company’s CEO, Steve Ballmer had once said that the tablets will be priced between $300 and $800, giving a very wide range. But the tablets are expected to come for $199 as well, to compete with the market leading 7 inch tablets, namely Google’s Nexus 7, Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD, and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2 7.0.

So, if you were planning to buy one of these tablets, start saving up for 26th.

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  1. I do not live anywhere close to a Microsoft Store or a pop up holiday location. So, I want the ability to pre-order so perhaps I can get mine on my doorstop on release day. Not holding my breath, though.

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