Microsoft Surface tablet price to start from $499 and $599 with the Touch Cover

Microsoft is releasing its new line of tablet, the Surface tablets, next week. The tablets will be running the company’s new Windows 8 operating system, one that is designed and developed to give the users the same experience on a tablet, a netbook, a laptop, a desktop computer, and a smart phone as well. The new operating system has integrated the Metro user interface first seen on the Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system from the company.

The Redmond based operating system giant has already unveiled the Surface tablets long back, and to be frank, they have got what it takes to survive in the market which is now filled with hundreds of Android based tablets and lead by Apple’s legendary tablet, the iPad.

But until now, there has been one concern among potential buyers and those who have been eagerly waiting for the tablet from a long time, how much will the company charge for these tablets?

Well, it looks like we now have an idea about that. Microsoft seems to have accidentally published a page on its own online market place which detailed the pricing of the line of Surface tablets. But the page has been taken down now. The gist is, if you want to get the lower end version which features the 32 GB internal memory specification, you will have to shell out $499. A lot of people would call it too steep.

And that price tag is without the showcased Touch Cover. If you want the touch cover as well along with the 32 GB Surface tablet, you will have to lighten your wallet by another $100, bumping the price to $599. That is definitely high.

And the 32 GB internal memory would just not be enough for a lot of people, and if you are one among such people (me included), you can get the 64 GB version. The 64 GB version of the Surface tablet along with the Touch Cover will set you back a $699.

Source: Engadget

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