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Microsoft Surface Survives a 30-Inch Drop Test


The Surface is Microsoft’s highly anticipated tablet, running on the Windows 8 operating system. While plenty has been spoken about the software inside and the hype surrounding it, very little was said about the device itself. Yes we knew about its hardware prowess, but not about one major factor i.e durability. And now that question has been answered too (again), with a drop test telling us exactly how tough it is. While we are not shown the aftermath of the drop, to prove that the device has substance, a video was being recorded throughout the whole process and it managed to do fairly well. The witnesses of the drop seemed pretty convinced too, so it seems like the tough casing of the device does hold good. The video was shot in 1080p so that’s something to cheer about as well. The drop was not a major one (30 inches), but given the fact that it was dropped on a hardwood floor should say something about the device’s build quality.

Microsoft would love for this video to go viral so as to boost the sales of the Surface tablets. Publicity like this is essential for a device of the Surface’s caliber as it’s priced pretty high. We would, however, like to see something substantial (like Nokia’s drop tests) just to make sure. The recent skateboarding experiment with the Surface proved the tablet’s toughness once and for all though. It’s commendable that Microsoft wants us to know about the tablet’s durability as it is an important factor for many out there. Unfortunately, the most popular tablet in the market, the iPad, doesn’t really deliver on the durability front which is why I think there are plenty of hard cover cases for it. One thing’s for sure though, if Microsoft decides to put this in its commercial or probably endorse more of this particular accomplishment, the sales would easily go higher without skipping a beat. People are often divided between an iPad and an Android tablet (since very recently), but with the MS Surface in the picture, the choices have increased and people now have a third viable option. It will be interesting to see how the customers will respond to this new addition to the tablet lineup.

Source: YouTube
Via: Phone Arena

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