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Microsoft posts Windows Phone 8 SDK

If you are a Windows Phone 8 lover and also happen to a mobile application developer, then here is your chance to start coding for the new mobile platform. After months of knowing about the platform and seeing so many new hardware from a line of manufacturers come to the market, the Redmond based operating system giant has finally released the Software Development Kit (SDK) version 8.0, which is for the Windows Phone 8 platform.

I am pretty sure that a lot of mobile application developers around the world have been waiting for the SDK to be released so that they can port their awesome iOS or Android apps to the new platform. If you are thinking the same, you better get started as soon as you can. This is because the trend shows that early adopters of the platform have a very good chance of becoming a hit. You can check the stats for the Android or the iOS apps. Though, if you can manage to build a really, really awesome app in the later days, you are sure to make good money with your app.

The release of the SDK is going to let the company gain some really good stand in the market, as the number of apps in the respective app stores proves to be a major factor for making a platform a hit. Apple’s iOS already has hundreds and thousands of apps in its App Store, and Google’s Android is following very closely with the apps that developers are writing for the platform and releasing it in the Android Play Store.

The code base in the SDK version 8.0 is going to prove a treasure for app developers, as it brings all the features of the Windows Phone 8 to the table. But you need to take care of one thing, the SKD is designed to run only on the 64 bit version of Windows operating system on your computers. So, are you game?

Source: Engadget

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