Microsoft now offers 250GB Xbox 360 for $99 with 2-year contract

Microsoft first introduced a subsidized 4GB Xbox 360 with Kinect motion sensor back in May offering it for $99 with a 2-year Xbox Live Gold contract. This is in line with the company’s campaign to making its prime gaming console the ultimate entertainment hub for families. The campaign achieved dramatic success especially in gaming communities but others still considered it as a rip-off.

At first, the bundle was offered at Microsoft Stores but the company had to make some adjustments and expand to additional retailers in June. And starting on Tuesday, October 23rd, 250GB Xbox 360 was listed with $99 price tag and a 2-year contract. If bundled with Kinect, then the price should change to $149 with the same terms.

This offer would actually bring advantages especially for gamers who don’t want to spend much on the price. For $99 or $149 you can start gaming with your favorite video games and becomes a member of Microsoft’s elite Xbox Live Gold club. The monthly obligation would be $14.99 and anyone can afford it without getting broke. Basically, this offers mutual benefits for customers and Microsoft. In fact, the company keeps on expanding this offering; it’s now called Xbox 360 Entertainment for All Plan.

However, if you have to let yourself be tied with the 2-year contract, you have to face the fact that you’ll be paying more than the price of the console. If you were to choose the 4GB version with Kinect (or 250GB without Kinect) bundle, you will be paying a total of $458.76 when your contract is finished. Currently, offers it for $212.70 but some retailers actually offer it for as low as $199.99 and Xbox Live Gold membership costs $120 for two years. If you’ll pay everything one time only, you’ll just have to spend $332.70. Perhaps, this is one reason why others would still consider this offer a rip-off.

You have to decide if you want to stick to paying the original price in full or choose the subsidized bundle that comes with over $100 difference. After all, everything depends on your budget. I think this offer has its advantages and downsides but for sure, they are all related to money. At the end of the day, what matters most is the entertainment Xbox 360 could bring to the whole family.

[source: Microsoft]

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