Microsoft may launch its own Windows Phone 8 smartphone

We’ve had rumors previously suggesting that Microsoft was working on its own Windows Phone 8 smartphone. If rumors were true, it would be really great because a Microsoft branded smartphone could do a lot of things to the market. It can change the dynamics of the current Windows Phone ecosystem. The rumor was out a week ago and Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop, was quick enough to say that Microsoft had no such plans.

Nokia CEO has reportedly said that he is not aware of any such plans by Microsoft to create a Windows Phone device. The prospects of Microsoft crafting its own Windows Phone are really good, given how well Microsoft has done with the designing of Surface tablets.

This is what Stephen Elop had to say:
I have no indications they are planning to do their own phone. They can do it if they so choose.

Competing in the current market with a phone under its own brand is a bit tough. Previously, it was thought that Nokia would act like an exclusive manufacturer for Microsoft, but things don’t look the same now as HTC has already announced Windows Phone 8X and 8X smartphones. Though the CEO has already dismissed the rumors about Microsoft planning to launch its own smartphone, more evidences have emerged which point out that Microsoft indeed has something cooking in its lab.

According to latest evidence, an alien Windows Phone 8 smartphone was spotted in the usage logs of an app called PersianType. PersianType is basically a Persian language virtual keyboard that is designed for Windows Phone. According to developer of the application, he noticed a device by the name of Juggernaut Alpha running Windows Phone 8 (version 8,0,900,0) in the logs of PersianType. Yes, we are pretty familiar with Juggernaut Alpha. A benchmark result of a phone named Juggernaut Alpha appeared in the month of July, and the phone apparently scored a nice 151 points, leaving the Titan II with its 1.5GHz processor in the dust.

The phone in question may or may not have anything to do with Microsoft, but the logs have some interesting information which has led to discovery that Microsoft certainly has something to do with Juggernaut Alpha. Apart from the make and model of the handset, the logs also contain the IP address of the user. The device reported an IP address Things turn out to be exciting at this point because the IP actually traces back to Redmond, WA, United States which is where Microsoft is headquartered.

Of course, it is just a rumor and like always, we take this too with a pinch of salt. It’s not like Microsoft isn’t capable of producing its own phone because it has already announced a tablet of its own, even though several other manufacturers are also using the same software platform for their products. Juggernaut Alpha can actually be the rumored “Surface Phone” that supposedly belongs to the high-end category. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Microsoft will launch a phone of its own? Let us know using the comment form below.

Source: PCWar

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  1. If Microsoft launches the windows smart phone, i defintely buy immediately.
    Microsoft provides best and no.1 Mobile OS for office/business needs.
    it has very good exchange email, office communicator, word,excel and ppt. etc… using this we can do our office work any where..
    no doubt about it. All these features from WIN 7 OS..

    in WIN 8, lot more will come like copy paste, etc.. i ma eagarly waiting for MS smartphone.

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