Microsoft Launches Xbox Music Subscription Service

Xbox has always been more of a gaming system than anything, but now it is becoming something more like an entertainment system with the addition of Netflix, Facebook and etc. That said, Microsoft has just announced that they are launching their new Xbox Music service, which will allow its users to stream internet music, sort of like Pandora or Spotify. You’ll also be able to subscribe to the music services and upload music from your own personal collection into a sort of cloud service. It’s compact into this effective package for a small $10 fee. This new service has been modeled as a one stop shop, as Xbox Music will be allowing users to enjoy music from their most favorite artists, but will also be giving music lovers a new way to discover different music and artists as well. It sounds really interesting actually, but now I wonder if we’ll be seeing Sony roll out a PlayStation music service or Nintendo bringing out a Wii Music service. There are different services that are definitely going to be on the way.

Microsoft isn’t looking to stop their with it’s Xbox music service either. They not only plan on unveiling this new service on its upcoming Windows 8 and Xbox platforms, but they also are planning on launching this on other various mobile platforms as well. That said, there is no doubt that Microsoft hasn’t heard the cries of mobile users, and has thus said that there will be a launch for both the iOS and Android platforms. The key word in this is “eventually” though, so don’t expect it to get over to these platforms anytime soon. To get it on Android, I can imagine that they probably have a larger licensing process to go through, especially after seeing all of the issues that Grooveshark has been having with staying on Google Play. Surely with it being Microsoft, that won’t be a huge issue, as they probably know what they’re doing.

Whatever the case, when eventually gets here, we’ll all be really excited, as having more music option on the Android platform is really enjoyable. It’ll be nice to have more options to choose from though. On the other hand, I am really suspecting that Sony and Nintendo are going to try and “combat” this with their own unique service. Of course, Sony has a lot of music-related stuff, but as far as I know, they don’t have a whole lot in terms of subscription services. That said, I think we can expect to see some sort of response from Sony and Nintendo in terms of competition and such.

It’s going to be really nice to have different choices to choose from, the main stuff on Android really has been Pandora and Spotifiy, so giving a sort of “unique” experience will be really awesome to see. Hopefully this Xbox music service for Android will be rolling out sometime this year instead of the vague “eventually” statement.

Any thoughts on this? If Microsoft were to bring Xbox Music to Android, would you subscribe? Let us know in the comments below!

source: talk android