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Microsoft introduces Windows Phone 8 to contend with Apple

A few days after launching its latest flagship Windows OS along with its first ever Surface tablet, Microsoft on Monday carries on with its most recent endeavor to pull alongside Apple and Google software-running devices, by presenting the new software, dubbed Windows Phone 8. The launch event took place in San Francisco.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer took the stage to present all of the latest Windows Phone 8 devices ranging from HTC, Nokia and Samsung, as well as their scheduled debuts. Three of the highlighted gadgets in the event include Nokia’s flagship Windows Phone 8 device, the Lumia 920, followed by the Samsung ATIV S and the HTC Windows Phone 8X.

A wide variety of Windows 8 smartphones will officially hit the globe starting in Europe this weekend, as announced in Monday’s event.

Three of the major carriers in the United States will also be carrying Windows phone, including Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint, which was not mentioned during the affair.

The HTC Windows Phone 8x 16GB model will be offered to Verizon customers for $199, and the Nokia Lumia 822 for $49. If no delays, these phones are expected to be available by Thanksgiving. In addition, Verizon’s offered Samsung ATIV Odyssey is expected to hit the market sometime in December.

The HTC Windows Phone 8x 16GB will also be offered to T-Mobile customers for $149 and the Nokia Lumia 810 for $99. Both phones are expected to roll out by November 14th.

AT&T customers will also have a chance to grab a share of the latest Windows Phone 8 smartphones sometime in November, including the Nokia Lumia 920, Lumia 820 and HTC Windows Phone 8x.

In the United States, Windows Phone 8 smartphones are also available in Microsoft Stores (retailers) and online Microsoft Store shop.

Windows Phone 8 recreates smartphone experience

Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 8 software is intentionally designed for smartphone devices, in concurrence to the company’s goal of taking phones into the Windows family. It is the concluding piece in the latest Microsoft OS makeover that hosts an innovative “tiles-based” user interface (personalized Live Tiles) that can be customized with applications, music, games, photos and more.

The personalized Live Tiles feature embodies the Windows Phone 8 signature home screen to contend with the classic “static” icons used by multitude of handsets running Microsoft’s rival software, particularly iOS and Android.

The new software is also packed with new features such as apps facility, comprising of those from Groupon Inc. and Facebook Inc., illustrating recently published daily deal or photos on the phone’s home screen. A “live apps” feature is also assimilated for users to stream sports scores, images, messages or other data to a constantly shifting lock-page on handsets.

Aside from Facebook apps, Windows Phone 8 also embeds a Twitter application. The team is also stirring a specially designed Skype app to be entrenched afterwards.

According to Microsoft’s corporate vice president Joe Belfiore, the company was ready to recreate a smartphone experience, which has for years mainly involved a locked screen that opens to rows of icons.

Divergent to what Mr. Belfiore termed as “tired old metaphor,” Microsoft’s modern phone system overhaul will put people at the center of experience.

Windows Phone 8 users will then have access to Microsoft’s online shop with over 120,000 apps available. In addition, Zynga’s “Words with Friends” along with 50 most prevalent apps will now be accessible on the company’s store. To optimize a Windows 8 version of the leading social media applications, the software giant also affiliated with Facebook.

In an attempt to inspire developers to create more apps for its platform, resources and stipends are regularly offered by the company.

While the response to Microsoft’s recently released products is so far incredible, experts say the software giant is still far away from leveling with or surpassing the record established by Apple and Google in the smartphone market.

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