Microsoft branded Windows Phone rumored to be ready for H1 2013

This rumor has made the rounds on the internet before. Microsoft has plans of designing its own Windows Phone 8 smart phone. China Times Reports that the Redmond based software giant has already started working on this for the last four months. But Microsoft will not be producing these smart phones by itself, obviously. But, the company will be looking out for partners who could manufacture and assemble the different components of the smart phones.

Doing so, the smart phones thus produced will reflects the company’s taste in material selection, service, and software and hardware integration. These smart phones can then be considered to be smaller replicas of the Microsoft Surface tablets? Well, that is anybody’s guess. But the phones are said to “implement the vision of Microsoft.”

The last time this rumor surface, the company itself squashed the rumors very clod bloodedly by saying “no we do not,” adding: “We have a strong ecosystem of partners that we are very satisfied with.” This is kind of true. The Redmond based company now has many partners who are showing interest to work on Windows Phone 8 smart phones, namely Nokia and HTC, with Samsung right around the corner.

If Microsoft starts designing its own smart phones, it will be a blow to Nokia. This is because Nokia is the major partner to Microsoft when it comes to the whole new Windows Phone 8. HTC, though it released two awesome Windows Phone 8 devices recently, is still concentrating majorly on Android. Samsung, which is currently the king when it comes to Android smart phones, is reportedly planning to explore the Windows Phone 8 market as well.

So, Microsoft would not take the risk to ruin its own business. And there is also the doubt if wireless carriers will be interested to test the new smart phone. What do you think? Do you need a Microsoft branded Windows Phone 8 smart phone?

Source: WM Power User