Microsoft Announces An Arsenal Of New Devices At The Windows Phone 8 Event

You just simply can’t have an event without any sort of release dates. Thankfully Microsoft hasn’t disappointed its many attendees in their Windows Phone 8 event today. This time around, Europe will be receiving Windows Phone 8 before anyone else. They will be seeing an assortment of Windows Phone 8 devices launch this weekend, and the United States will see Windows Phone 8 devices sometime in November and also more devices to come sometime in December.

The first Windows Phone 8 smartphones to launch will be the Nokia Lumia 920 and the Samsung ATIV S. Based on the amount of leaks we’ve seen on the Lumia 920, it should only be obvious that it would be one of the first smartphones to launch. Both of the smartphones will be available this weekend in Europe, and will be rolling out to the rest of the world later in November as part of Microsoft’s worldwide Windows Phone 8 push. Some other more notable releases happening stateside will be Verizon offering the Nokia Lumia 822 for a mere $49, and the HTC 8X for $199 with a new two-year contract. Those smartphones are headed for a release by the time Thanksgiving comes around. Of course, it is always possible that the devices could get pushed back, but they will definitely release before 2013.

Another thing to get excited about is the fact that T-Mobile will also be receiving the HTC 8X. It will only cost you a mere $149 due to the lack of LTE connectivity. T-Mobile will also be receiving the Lumia 810 for $99. Both smartphones will be launching on November 14th. There are definitely a lot of great looking gadgets lined up for November this far. Your wallet in your back pocket might be crying tears of both joy and sadness, but there is still two more devices launching in November. Those are the Nokia Lumia 820 and 920, which will be launching on AT&T. They will also be receiving the HTC 8X at some point in November as well. No specific pricing or release dates were announced at the event though.

On a more unrelated note, after Microsoft announced all of the devices that would be powered on Windows Phone 8 they also left all of their attendees with a little surprise. Being the huge corporation that they are, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced that everyone attending the Windows Phone 8 event would receive an entirely free Windows Phone 8 smartphone. That said, it sounds like a few people will get to play with Windows Phone 8 in the United States before the public can get their hands on it when the devices officially launch later in November.

Good job at “wowing” the crowd Microsoft, you definitely just won the hearts of everybody attending the event if they weren’t already a Windows Phone user.

Will you be picking up a Windows Phone 8 device when it launches this weekend in Europe? Will you be picking one up when it launches in the United States later in November? Microsoft is definitely pushing Windows Phone 8 big time, it is going to be interesting to see it evolve next to the other two big dogs in the market: Apple and Google.

source: Microsoft