Mass Effect: Infiltrator For Android Review

Avaialble On: Android, iOS

Price: $6.99

Downloads: Google Play | iTunes

Mass Effect: Infiltrator is amazing, especially for the price I got it at during the 25 cent sale on Google Play. Now, before you throw down the judgement hammer on it, you should keep in mind that going into this game, you shouldn’t expect to be playing Mass Effect 3 or its predecessors. While EA did a good job trying to keep it at its original roots, you just can’t have the same mechanics in a tablet or smartphone that you can in a Xbox 360 or decked out PC. Still, the game is good, and surprisingly, the controls are actually easy to figure out and use.

The graphics are really good in Mass Effect: Infiltrator. I’m not kidding either. Playing this guy on the Transformer Pad TF300, the effects were beautiful and the overall quality of the graphics were pretty amazing for a mobile game. Honestly, with EA’s current track record, I didn’t think that they would be willing to put in a whole lot of time in the mobile world. I’m glad they did though, as this is simply beautiful (again, in terms of today’s graphical quality on mobile devices, it’s beautiful). Of course, I would highly suggest playing this game on a tablet where you can experience the full quality of the graphical levels. A small smartphone just wont do, in my opinion.

I’m not a whole lot into touch gameplay, I am a hardcore keyboard and mouse guy, but this title really surprised me. I found the gameplay to be very fluent and well thought out. Of course, that may be biased, as I am a huge fan of the Mass Effect franchise, and they can only produce perfection (aside from their latest pitfall with Mass Effect 3). I’m kidding of course, but you  should get my point on my love for Mass Effect. It’s better than star wars hands down.

My only complaint about Mass Effect: Infiltrator is the fact that it crashed a lot more than any other app. I’ve had it crash in some very weird places for no reason whatsoever. It actually seems like a problem with certain devices, as on my tablet it runs fine, but on my smartphone it crashes like mad. That’s just something to look into though, and it may or may not affect the device you are playing the game on. Still, it would be nice if the issue was fixed across the variety of devices, as it does get really annoying when you are trying to play on the go. Minor complaint, but still valid I would say.

Overall, the game is fantastic. EA did a fantastic job on this one. They have lots of other games, but I would go as far as to say that they just aren’t as good as Mass Effect: Infiltrator. The game is currently available for both iOS and Android, and as far as I am aware, you are able to easily hook a device up to a Bluetooth controller to make things work a bit better for you if you don’t like the touch controls.