LTE Asus Transformer Pad 300 gets official Jelly Bean ROM

Asus has done it again. Asus is the only company, if I am correct, which is very hard at work to upgrade its line of Android devices to the new operating system release by Google, the Android 4.1 operating system, also known as Jelly Bean. All other Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), for sure, have been releasing the updates to Jelly Bean, but the rate at which the devices have been getting the update is very slow.

Samsung, for example, has updated only a handful of devices to Jelly Bean, focusing all its attention to update the newest smart phone from its stable, the Samsung Galaxy S III. Asus has updated almost all of its tablets that were released in 2012 and which are based on the Nvidia Tegra 3 processor.

Asus’s Transformer Prime, Transformer Pad Infinity, and Wi-Fi only Transformer Pad 300 have all got the bump to the latest operating system, the Android 4.1 operating system. Compared to other Android tablets in the market which have a higher sales rate than Asus tablets have not yet been updated.

I am starting to think that this after sales service from the company will be a key point in deciding the next tablet to buy for many users. Today, the company released the Jelly Bean update to the LTE version of the Asus Transformer Prime TF300. Along with new user interface, the update brings the awesome voice based personal assistant, Google Now, which has outperformed the iOS counterpart, Siri, in many tests conducted by a lot of enthusiasts.

So if you have a Transformer Prime TF300 LTE version and have been waiting to update it to the new Jelly Bean for buttery smooth experience, all you have to do is head over to the company’s official download page and download the 410 MB update file. Then just flash the new Jelly Bean ROM to your 10 inch tablet. The update can be flashed even if you are on a custom ROM, rooted official ROM, or any other ROM. But be careful and back up your data before flashing.

Source: Android Authority

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