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Low End Nokia Lumia 510 Spotted in the Wild


In a time when we are surrounded by a plethora of flagships, Nokia seems to have something a little low key for its users. The Nokia Lumia 510 has just leaked with some minor details about its specs to go with it. Going by the looks of it, the smartphone appears to be a low end offering. It seems like Nokia is diving deeper into the low end market segment with this one. The recently launched Lumia 610 is sitting pretty in the low end segment by being the cheapest Windows Phone available in the market today. Nokia understands that in order to succeed in developing nations, smartphones like these are a necessity. So the move doesn’t surprise us. It would be unwise to get ahead of ourselves though, as there’s very little information available about the smartphone.

According to a tipster cited by GSM Arena, the Nokia Lumia 510 comes with a decent 4-inch display, 256MB of RAM, 4GB of storage and of course Windows Phone 7.8 or 7.8 operating system. As this runs on WP7, we don’t think there will be a microSD card slot for memory expansion. The device’s price is expected to be at $150, which lands well under the umbrella of the low end market segment. Asian markets and more significantly, China has a very strong smartphone base which is believed to have tripled since the past two years, so Asia could be given top priority. As for the launch, well there’s very little info on that. The source states that the smartphone could see worldwide availability in 2013.

We’re rather surprised by the timing of this, as most of us already know that Windows Phone 7.8 is as good as the current users will get. So launching a WP7 smartphone just when WP8 is making its way might not be a really great idea. Nokia however would be aware of that and will look to target the device to a specific set of consumers. It’s good to see that Nokia has something other than just flagships in store, which tells us how determined the company is to reach out to everybody in the crowd. Will this strategy work out? Only time will tell.

Source: GSM Arena

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