Lockitron Looks To Enhance Your Home Security

Behold, the next home security technology is here! Lockitron has just recently announced their new smart deadbolt access system. It features some awesome remote door unlocking, per-user access control, access via SMS or even NFC, along with a knock sensor. Lockitron has even created a dedicated Android application to handle all of the digital features, while the deadbolt itself connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network. This new model that Lockitron is working on is a new thinner model than the clunkier and more expensive model from last year.

RFID has been around for quite a while and has been the most used access control that has been available for businesses for quite some time, with that said, Lockitron is clearly the way to go for your personal homes, it’ll work with businesses too, but if you have anything of great value, it may not live up to what you want it to be. With Lockitron and its Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility, Lockitron is able to unlock automatically as you approach he door, which might be really useful in situations where your hands are extremely full of groceries or your coming home with a new stack of video games. In my case, you can expect the latter to be my issue.

The Lockitron system has already exceeded their past funding goal, but it is still available to preorder for what they call an “early-bird” special of $149. The guys behind this have said that the first batch of Lockitron’s should be shipping sometime in March of 2013! It’s not too far away from where we’re at now, so I can imagine everyone is probably really excited for this, as it might just be a much safer way to keep your home locked up. Oh and, I can only imagine how many people are going to install it and walk in and out of their homes just for fun. It’ll happen. Just watch.

What this comes down to is, how will it help increase the security in your home? Well, a whole lot hasn’t been said on this yet, but you can imagine with everything being done through YOUR phone, it could be next to impossible for someone to get in your house through the door. Then again, there hasn’t been any info released as to if Bluetooth 4.0 is tied to your phone too, or everyone’s phones. I’d imagine it’d just be your phone, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet. I see this as another digital movement towards security, as that is what the world is headed towards, and this is just another example of it working really well in real life.

Is anyone going to be getting themselves one of these bad boys when it launches, or are you even going to preorder it? Do you think that there could be some serious flaws behind a digital locking system? While I am sure they are working as hard as they can to keep it secure, there will be some mad genius out in the world to find a crack.

source: android central

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