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LG Vu 5 inch Android phablet

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Samsung’s first generation Galaxy Note was a hit for sure. And the second generation Galaxy Note II is even more promising. And for a person who has spent months using a Galaxy Note as his primary smart phone, and lover of big screen smart phones for the ability to easily take notes with the stylus (me), new smart phones in the genre obviously becomes an attraction. Till now, the Galaxy Note was the only device in the class which was really worth looking at or even owing. But now, there is a new kid on the block, and the new kid debuting in South Korea. We are of course talking about the new LG Vu.

The LG Vu is a massive 5 inch Android smart phone. Even though the screen is smaller than the Galaxy Note II’s 5.55 inch display, the width of the LG Vu is easily more than the Galaxy Note II. This is because the display resolution of the 5 inch display on the LG Vu is 1, 024 x 768 pixels, which is kind of weird, at least for me.

Anyway, if LG wants to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Note with its Vu, it needs to offer some similar functionality. One of the many reasons why the Galaxy Note was a hit is the stylus coupled with the big screen. The stylus lets a user take down note easily, and it even lets users clip off images or texts from web pages (Galaxy Note II). So the LG Vu must offer something similar. And it does.

The LG Vu has an option with which you can jot down notes on the home screen of the device itself when you are on a call. This is better than invoking the S Note on the Note, but the thing is that you don’t get a stylus with the Vu. You will have to use your finger as a stylus, which is not really so attractive an idea, at least not to me.

Also, LG not tried, really, to make full utilization of the bigger 5 inch display. Even though the display is wide enough, there are only 4 icons in a row on the grid. And the custom user interface seems to be just taken from the Optimus 3. For a Note fan, this does not appeal so much.

But if you are new to the big screen smart phone genre and you don’t like Samsung devices for some bizarre reason, you would want to give the LG Vu a test drive. What do you think?

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